Padua, the cap collection that pays

Padua, the cap collection that pays

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The recycling pay. There plastic collection it is paid by the weight to the participants so that they can support themselves economically and finance projects and initiatives by starting a virtuous circle of activity sustainable. The project proposing the collection of caps is called "Friend of the Environment" and was designed by the ICAT Group with the collaboration of the Paduan entrepreneur Giovanni Giantin. The partnership has joined forces to engage in the recovery is reuse of plastic material.

Friend of the Environment it is a project that has its roots back in 2007. Only in the first eight months of 2012, thanks to this initiative, 1090 quintals of corks were collected, an average of 450,000 corks per day. The previous year, in 2011, the caps collection has reached 94 million units for a total of 1,470 quintinals of plastic, translated into economic terms, the project has produced a financial availability of about 30,000 euros, destined for schools and associations that have contributed to collect the caps.

With last year, the project "Friend of the Environment " has decided to extend its supply chain by taking care of giving a new life to caps collected. Once recovered, i caps they are brought to a processing center, ground and reprocessed. The result is a finished product "new", cassettes of recycled plastic intended for the transport of fruit and vegetables. The crates produced are perfectly suited as packaging for the fruit and vegetable sector. The re-processing of the caps collected takes place at the Plastic Nord and Imball Nord companies, here, with the Friend of the Environment project, guided tours are organized to assist in the phases of the production process in order to raise public awareness of the importance of recycling and respect for the environment.

Who would have thought that the life of a cap can it be that rich and lively ?!
He leaves the factory to seal a bottle. It arrives in the consumers' home. It is collected and carefully selected. It reaches the company where it will be re-processed and its metamorphosis sees it transformed into a box intended for the fruit and vegetable sector. All this with the production of financial means intended for the protagonists of the collection. In this way, profit is generated, the production of new plastic is avoided and the costs are reduced harmful emissions and energy consumption.

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