Ducati Energia quadricycle

Ducati Energia quadricycle

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Is called Free Duck and the quadricycle proposed by "Ducati energy ”available in both electric and hybrid. The electric version of the Ducati quadricycle it has a range of 60 km, in the version hybrid, the Free Duck incorporates a small petrol engine that is able to recharge the battery thus increasing the range by pushing it beyond 200 km. The version hybrid presents various driving modes, in that a zero emissions, the heat engine can be completely deactivated.

The electric drive allows you to spend less than € 0.01 for each km traveled, in fact, fully recharge the battery of the quadricycle “Ducati energy ”costs only € 0.50. The Free Duck, both in hybrid and electric versions, is approved for the transport of two people, to drive the electric version you do not need to be of age but you just need a 50 cc scooter license. There electric traction it is guaranteed by a pair of brushless motors integrated in the rear wheels.


Let's see together the technical sheet of Ducati quadricycle.

Ducati quadricycle
Maximum speed: 45km / h
Maximum revolutions of electric motors: 600 rpm
Torque supplied: 2 x 45 Nm
Power supply: 48 VDC
Power: 2 x 2 kW
12 V - 42 Ah lead-acid batteries that guarantee an autonomy of 60 km in electric-only mode and over 200 km in Hybrid Electric Vehicle mode
Hydraulic disc brakes
10 ″ aluminum wheels
Thermal engine (only in the hybrid version), 100 cc displacement, 4T. Maximum power to the shaft 2.2 kW at 4500 rpm


The price of the Ducati energy quadricycle Free Duck depends a lot on the set-ups and can even reach 8,000 euros. The price depends, as just mentioned, on the fittings but also on the chosen version. In addition to the electric or hybrid mode, the user will have to choose whether to purchase the Basic version with 180-liter trunk or the VAN version with over 300-liter trunk.

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