How to save on your electricity bill

How to save on your electricity bill

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In this article we have given you some tips on how to save, with direct actions, on electricity bill. Today we will talk more about savings but we will do it by proposing interventions specifically designed to optimize electricity consumption.

1) Power strip with switch, cost 6 euros
It is an underestimated intervention but it has been calculated that using electrical power strips is possible save on your electricity bill approximately 80 euros per year. This is because all devices, even if in standby, continue to "suck" a small amount of energy. Turning off the switch of the power strip will stop the supply of energy, cutting any waste.

2) Install a thermostat
The prices of thermostats fluctuate widely. Among the latest goodies in technology we have Nest, the smart thermostat on sale in Apple Stores. The Nest thermostat studies our habits, or rather, keeps track of our home temperature and then makes sure that when the house is empty, there is no waste that then weighs on the electricity bill and guarantees the desired temperature upon returning home. As? Tracking the distance to the landlord using his iPhone's GPS.

3) Led illumination
The LED lamps they only consume 20 percent more energy than a conventional light bulb. Most of the LED lamps on the market guarantee a duration of 25 years and offer excellent performance in terms of brightness. Prices have also dropped. In this article we have given you an in-depth study on as save on your electricity bill using LED technology.

4) Domestic appliances
When the time comes to buy a new air conditioner or replace the old washing machine, enter the product's energy efficiency among your parameters of choice.

5) Timer
Just like multi-sockets with switches, timers are also extremely cheap. There are various models on the market, the most performing also offer remote control so that you can manage the power supply from a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet. Belkin has proposed the Coserve Socket, it is a socket that incorporates a timer, this stops delivering energy within 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours. If your smartphone only charges for 15 minutes, why do you leave it on for the whole day ?! That's what timers are for.

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