A truly Green Christmas for Pedaso

A truly Green Christmas for Pedaso

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Is called Pedaso and is a small town in the province of Fermo, in the Marche region, on the Adriatic coast. The approximately 2,800 inhabitants of Pedaso can be proud ofChristmas tree which stands in the main square of the town.

L'Christmas tree can envy the initiatives green already seen in some Italian cities, in fact it promotes principles such as saving of resources, creative recycling and innovation: the tree does not lack an energy-efficient lighting system that uses LED technology.

L'Christmas tree Green was strongly supported by the Councilor for the Environment Paolo Concetti who, together with the council and the inhabitants of Pedaso, they proceeded to mount the tree with their hands!

In Parma, the local administration has spent 10,000 euros to set up an ecological tree powered by the energy produced by a generator connected to a fleet of bicycles, a similar initiative was seen in Sicily, where it is illuminated in Piazza Castelnuovo di Palermo, pedal, a tree of 20 meters (read more at this link).

L'Pedaso tree wants to be an example of environmental responsibility and simplicity: with 2,400 recycled plastic bottles, the inhabitants can boast a beautiful Christmas Symbol. The high symbolic value of the Pedaso Christmas Tree sees a responsible use of resources not only in the form, also in the content: Pedaso has not cut even a tree to celebrate his Christmas and in addition, with the preparation of this he has was able to count on a strong citizen participation.

The result is beautiful and is visible in the photo above. From today Pedaso will not be famous only for its concerts or for the astronomical observatory of Monte Serrone. It can be taken as an example virtuous from other Italian municipalities that are too far from one green philosophy.

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