Energy efficiency: doors and windows

Energy efficiency: doors and windows

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When it comes to energy efficiency, the windows may be the Achille's heel of the House. They can give rise to drafts and frustrate the efforts of the insulating panels, it follows that the windows play an essential role indomestic efficiency especially for those who want certify your own building.

It is clear that to improveenergy efficiency of a building it is necessary to intervene on the windows. The ideal would be to install windows capable of retaining heat in winter and favoring the escape of hot air in summer.

The efficiency of a window can be optimized thanks to solar control films, capable of reducing heat loss by up to 30 percent and in summer, incoming heat is reduced by up to 73 percent.

Who stays building house or want replace the fixtures, can buy windows ad hoc. Sure, a window alone can't get the LEED certification but it can help with regard to Energy Performance and not only that, in the case of particular windows, the contribution is not limited to energy efficiency but also to the management of construction waste, recycled content, natural lighting and the use of certified wood.

These are the fixtures provided by Marvin, 150,000 options that meet or even exceed the standards Energy Star. Energy efficient windows and doors allow you to cut the bill costs up to 15 percent. Marvin periodically it launches incentive campaigns even if it would be more convenient for us Italians to join the state programs of tax incentives that allow us to deduct IRPEF up to 55 percent if we improve theenergy efficiency of our building.

But you have to take action early: personal income tax deductions for works on real estate it can be requested until June 2013. The Marvin brand is active in Europe in Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Ireland and Portugal. On request it can also operate in Italy.

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