Hunting world and environment

Hunting world and environment

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The public imagination points to i hunters as disrespectful to nature, enemies of the environment and above all of biodiversity. There is nothing more false. The main enemies for the loss of biodiversity are identified inurbanization. Before attacking the hunting category, which lives in close symbiosis with the territory, let us worry about all those choices which, instead of the reclamation of existing buildings, aim to build structures from scratch cause the consumption of precious soil.

The world hunting it fights for safeguard biodiversity and for the environment more generally. Not only does it support European Union projects such as Life + but thanks to the combined work of the hunting movements, it is possible to monitor the volatile species: in the 2011/2012 season the trend was excellent, the significant increase in the percentage of adult birds in complete moulting leaves hypothesize optimal nutritional and climatic conditions produced in the breeding sites and a presumable low rate of prey.

We know how the collective imagination sees the hunter, but here is the point of view of the hunting world
Daily, sui social network you read phrases of contempt towards the category of hunters. Without getting lost in technicalities, just consider a hunter and a meat eater. What are these two figures different? The difference is that the second goes to a butcher's shop to buy meat but still supports the killing of animals. Sure carnivores will get mad reading this, but it's true, the hunter he lives in close contact with nature and is probably no different from any other meat eater. Many people mistakenly see in the hunting a cruel and brutal sport, the truth is that a hunter is not very different from those who practice fishing, but there are those who point out and discriminate both categories. The truth is that fauna and hunters can coexist and concrete data affirm that the hunting world has a positive impact on the environment.

How can you respect nature if you hold a rifle to kill wild animals?
The topic is quite controversial, everyone comes to their own conclusions. Many, to live in peace with nature, have decided to completely renounce the consumption of meat. The hunting world aims to preserve and redevelop habitat, a hunter has a strong bond with the territory and an innate awareness of the value of the environmental heritage. Factors that are expressed through the interest in all the animal species that populate the different habitats.

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