Coal powders

Coal powders

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If the world is serious about avoiding i climate changes, two thirds of all reserves of fossil fuels ascertained must remain underground. This is supported by the International Energy Agency, in Italy there is still talk of opening new ones coal power plants while the old ones risk closing their doors!

The CO2 emissions derived from the combustion of fossil fuels they are destabilizing our climate, not to mention the serious damage on the human health: le coal powders they pollute the air, water and land, making it uncultivable.

The composition of coal powders it is well known, as well as its danger, also linked to the environmental matrix that receives it. It should be emphasized that both the organic and mineral parts of coal powders represent a risk to the environment and for health; in fact, the IPA (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in the former and metals such as arsenic is mercury in the second they make the coal powders highly polluting, a real threat to humans.

Coal powders and pollution of the sea
"In the sea, pollutants spread very easily, depositing on the bottom and remaining in suspension and with equal ease they enter the food chain and, due to their toxic properties, including carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties, cause direct damage to marine species, and arrive on our tables.

The coal powders they end up in the sea through water discharges or due to accidental contamination. When the concentrations are high, the dust can locally cause a lowering of the quantity of oxygen in the water. The coal powders act as a filter for light and numb the water compromising the entire ecosystem.

Coal powders, where in Italy
In this article we talked about Brindisi, unfortunately, beyond the Puglia region, there are other sites where coal is endangering theenvironment, the territory and human health. In this context, the WWF is active with legal actions (appeals and complaints) and information campaigns, an example is the reporting who points straight to Liguria. In Vado Ligure thesanitary emergency is now full-blown, in Porto Tolle, where one is even planned coal power plant in the middle of a park, in Saline ioniche, the attempt to build new ones coal-fired power plants in the face of an overcapacity of electricity production constitutes a danger for theenvironment and human health.

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