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Imagine one holiday without an ounce of added technology?
We usually tell you about luxurious facilities, full of technologic innovations, where the coverage Wifi it is not an option but a basic standard. Today we make a change of course to talk about the last frontier of the peace. Abandon smartphone, tablet, notebook and TV; forget about the social network, consumer electronics and WhatsApp ... this is the only way you can enjoy authentic moments of relaxation.

The idea of tech-free it is a real resource for the spirit. At the most you can allow yourself to pack one reflex to immortalize your moments of peace. To propose an experience tech-free is Poecylia Resort of Carlofrote, with an estate of seven hectares, overlooking the sea of ​​Sardinia. The holidays they are a treasure to be kept, so nature will guide every moment of the day without any dependence hitech: internet, e-mail, tablet, smartphone, tv ..

The suite of the Poecylia Resort are furnished in island style and are without access to the network, televisions and minibar, this to encourage the relationship with the nature spectacular as the private beach and the suggestive "Punta" from which you can enjoy one of the most suggestive sunsets in the Mediterranean.

L'air conditioning is the breeze that blows from the sea and the suites are designed according to the wisdom of the ancients, allowing for pleasant temperature and thermal insulation all day long; the outside is illuminated a solar lanterns because at night the sky is too dotted with stars to be deprived of this spectacle with artificial light. The stay starts from 160 euros per suite for two people per night, with before organic breakfast included.

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