Pedras Salgadas, the Portuguese eco-resort

Pedras Salgadas, the Portuguese eco-resort

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It is usually men who decide the location of new buildings, especially when it comes to hotels, resorts and spas. To decide the position of thePedras Salgadas eco-resort they weren't engineers and architects but ... trees! L'Pedras Salgades eco-resort it consists of a series of cabins located in the dense pristine forest in the north of Portugal.

The bungalows are located between one tree and another and integrate perfectly into the forest: each bedroom has been set up on a raised platform so that only a very small portion of the land is involved in the construction.


L'Pedras Salgadas eco-resort it was designed by the Portuguese architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade and Diogo Aguiar on commission from the Ivo Tavares Studio. The bungalows are all prefabricated modular and consist of an entrance, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. Each cabin is completely surrounded by greenery and leaves guests with all the necessary privacy.

The tourist accommodation is located in one of the natural parks most beautiful in Portugal. The architects preferred to scatter the modular prefabricated buildings among the trees, rather than sacrificing part of the forest to set up a single large structure. Each bungalow includes a porch or balcony to allow guests maximum contact with nature.

The cladding of the prefabricated buildings is made up of slate slabs that show off 50 shades of gray, this choice was strongly conditioned by local construction traditions. The 50 shades of gray enhance lights and reflections based on the sun, rain and darkness. The interiors are extremely refined, elegant, modern and essential.


There is also a relaxation center with turkish bath, swimming pool, sauna, thermal path, salt stones and all the well-being that a high-level spa can offer.

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