Aliah Hotel and 2014 World Cup

Aliah Hotel and 2014 World Cup

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The Brazil is preparing to welcome the 2014 World Cup and i 2016 Olympic Games. In the next two years, there are many jobs to be done and many of these concern accommodation facilities. An excellent protagonist is theAliah Hotel, near Sao Paulo. L'Hotel will be able to show off breathtaking vegetation with green roofs and other goodies green.


It was designed by the Hiperstudio and Estudio Arkiz companies. L'Aliah Hotel is located in the center of Bragança Paulista (Sao Paulo) and is characterized by lush vegetation with green roofs and terraces, there will be a collection site for therain water and underground bungalows. The vegetation will not only cover the horizontal surfaces but also the vertical ones with green walls and hanging plants.

At the center of the structure there is a green atrium, an open space that conveys the natural breezes that guarantee cooling, ventilation and air exchange. The large windows and glass roofs will provide natural lighting. L'Aliah Hotelit was partly made from low environmental impact and permeable materials. The central atrium, which is accessible from any hotel room, is full of trees, lawns and plants that blend perfectly with the interiors.


On the sides of the building there is a "living wall", With green walls that provide shade and play a crucial role in both temperature regulation and lighting control. THE green roofs, in addition to providing an excellent relaxation area, they guarantee thermal insulation and integrate with the system of collection of rainwater. Once collected, the water is filtered and reused to ensure the water needs of some of the hotel facilities. The irrigation of gardens and plants is guaranteed by a recovery and filtering system of the gray water.

L'Aliah Hotel won the first prize for its young design and sustainable, has won the comparison with all the other hotels intended to host visitors of Football Championships 2014.

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