On the trail of the glaciers

On the trail of the glaciers

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About a century ago, the first ones explorer photographers have immortalized the immense ones water reserves of the earth. Some of what were once streams, rivers and lakes are now only deep folds.

On the occasion of the exhibition "On the Trail of the Glaciers", the folds and water reserves of today are related to those of about a century ago; there are thirty photographic comparisons, between large contemporary authorial prints and images taken over a century ago by the first ones explorer photographers.

The exhibition “Says the photographic work and scientific of Fabiano Ventura, photographer and mountaineer, and his team of scientists among the great expanses of the Karakorum and among the unexplored glaciers of the Caucasus. Both expeditions are part of the project "On the trail of the glaciers", conceived by Ventura himself, who foresees others in the most strategic mountain glaciers on the planet. In the end, to have a global vision of the state of health of glaciers and of climate future of the Earth. "

The exhibition is supported by Salewa and will be on stage until November 17, 2013 at the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian of Bolzano. The aim of the exhibition is to arouse public opinion, through the strong photographic impact, a major environmental awareness. THE climate changes they are not an abstract concept and the photographic evidence exhibited at Messner Mountain Museum Firmian of Bolzano are the concrete proof.

The project "On the trail of the glaciers”Is not just the testimony of climate changes but the perfect conjunction between photography and scientific research in order to analyze what are the effects they are having climate changes on the older ones mountain glaciers of the Earth. For example, the photo above shows a panorama on behemoths of the Caucasus, Mount Tetnuldi, 4,853 meters high and Mount Skhara of 5,200 meters. The black and white photo was taken in 1890!

Video: First videoclip - Expedition On the trail of the glaciers - Alaska 2013 (June 2022).


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