Garden in the house

Garden in the house

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More and more people want to set up a garden in the house. There are those who are content to place some plants on the balcony, while those who prefer to dedicate a corner of home to classic succulents and again, who opts for a vertical garden. There are several vertical gardens on the market but these are not always able to meet the needs of the public, which is why there is a need for products customizable. Furthermore, among the novelties designed to bring a garden in the house, the market offers real vegetable tables, these are mini-gardens set up within a modern and minimal table.

When you want to set up a garden in the house and we intend to proceed with the creation of a vertical garden there are many things to take into account: size, plants, brightness, water supply ... In this contest, all the right solutions are offered by an Italian company, Ortisgreen from Bergamo, specialized in the design and construction of green spaces in the house, offices and in any type of environment.


The Bergamo-based company was founded in 2011 and made its debut with the installation of plant walls and with the creation of innovative vegetable paintings, totally customizable. With the modular plant walls, plants defy gravity by creating a living piece of furniture which offers a new perspective for the interior decoration. Another solution to set up a garden in the house provides for the choice of vegetable paintings, Ortisgreen specific patent. Vegetable paintings are ideal for those who intend to set up a garden in the house small in size. The same purpose can be persevered with a vegetable table.

Among the novelties of 2013, an easy solution to bring a garden in the house consists of a piece of furniture ready for use. Is called "HOH! Hang.Oasi.Home"And was presented in Milan on the occasion of Macef 2013."HOH! Hang.Oasi.Home”Is a kind of wall picture able to incorporate plants of all sorts and recreate agreen oasis in the house.

Yes but… how do you water a garden in the house?
When it comes to gardens in the house, a major problem concerns maintenance. The soil of the pots, the water and the dry foliage can represent a problem for the laziest souls. It is for this reason that i vertical gardens modular systems proposed by Ortisgreen have abandoned the ground to use a natural substrate that does not dirty while to feed the plants there is an automated irrigation system with integrated drip system; The system ensures the maximum water saving and can be enriched with ad hoc nutrients to ensure vigorous vegetation. Speaking again of saving resources, the modular green wall is made with 70% recyclable anodized aluminum boxes.

Garden in the house. The advantages
Why set up a garden in the house? Because the leaves of plants absorb carbon dioxide and return oxygen, they also affect the temperature and quality of theair they regulate humidity and cool too hot environments. Some beliefs claim it is wrong sleep with a plant in the room, nothing could be more false: the amount of oxygen produced during the day is greater than that taken from the same plant during the night, therefore the balance is positive.


The irony of fate: It has been calculated that a person at night consumes much more oxygen than a plant, so if you really want to choose between a vertical garden and your husband, get rid of your husband!

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