A vacation home in the Jungle

A vacation home in the Jungle

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A holiday home immersed in green of the tropics, a few hours from Rio de Janeirom in Brazil. The owners use this cottage for the holidays when the temperatures are favorable. There holiday House it was designed by Carla Juaçaba, one of the most awarded architects in Latin America. The house was built with natural materials which characterize both the interior and the exterior so the structure interfaces perfectly with the surrounding nature.

The two facades respectively face the jungle and the other towards a river. The facades are given by sliding glass panels, thanks to which excellent natural lighting is guaranteed (in support of the skylights) and ventilation.

The entire architecture is based on four huge steel beams and is supported by two walls made with local stone. The walls are 43 inches thick while the beams introflect penetrating the structure.Each wall is characterized by large skylights and the roof houses a splendid garden (as if the greenery all around were not enough!) Reached by stairs engraved in the wall stone.

The house is equipped with a wood stove and a fireplace set into the stone wall of the bedroom. If you have any doubts about the cooling and heating systems, the owners probably use this holiday House only in favorable climatic periods. The house is located in the nature reserve of Three Peaks, in the mountains of the Rio Bonito hinterland.

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