Holidays in Liguria between relaxation and nature

Holidays in Liguria between relaxation and nature

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Who is waiting for the next ones holidays to spend a few days in absolute relaxation breathing sea air without giving up the countryside, he doesn't have to go that far. Italy offers everything: sea, mountains, lakes ... among the places far away from the chaos of the city we point out "La Francesca Resort " of Bonassola, La Spezia, agreen oasis overlooking the sea of Five lands.

Here the green philosophy it is not a fashion but a lifestyle that has been going on for over 50 years. Urban life is a torment: we wake up in the morning and too often, without having breakfast, we run to work, eat junk food in fast food restaurants or on the street and then come back tired in the evening. It doesn't matter whether it's summer or spring, sometimes there is a need to avoid it city ​​smog, breathe fresh air and start living life in a way slow, at least for a few days!

Enjoy every moment of the evening, discover romantic paths, cross woods and experience the green life with wonderful excursions to accompany tastings and feast based on Organic products, healthy and genuine. The walks can be combined with real ones educational tours. How many of you have ever visited an agricultural cooperative? The Farmers' Cooperative of the Levanto Valley, as well as the Cinque Terre Winery, open their doors to the most curious and lovers of the natural life.

This in Liguria could be an excellent one food and wine holiday, there would be pesto, an ideal condiment for homemade bavette, perhaps accompanied by locally grown potatoes and green beans! Anchovies and mushrooms in oil, Ligurian extra virgin olive oil and homemade bread accompanied by the typical aggidda garlic sauce.

There is no shortage of biscuits and pandolce with raisins and pine nuts, as for the wines, those typical of the area are white and fruity. All these delicacies without leaving the Italian soil: one sustainable vacation leaves no room for harmful emissions related to air flights! La Francesca Resort offers stays from 350 euros per person for 4 nights in an apartment with equipped kitchen and terrace. Breakfast is included in the price. The weekend offers start at 180 euros per couple for two nights, upon arrival guests will be greeted with local wine and trail map.

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