Low environmental impact hotel

Low environmental impact hotel

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The low impact hotels environmental are accommodation facilities capable of distinguishing themselves for sustainability and efficiency. In the world there is no shortage low impact hotels equipped with a building and architecture structure with LEED certification. The first ones have only recently begun to appear in the Italian tourist panorama low impact hotels. These offer organic food at zero km, energy efficiency and meet part of their energy needs through renewable energy sources.

We have seen it with the Masseria Terre di Traiano in Puglia, an accommodation facility that offers its guests large green spaces, local products and clean energy: the farm houses a photovoltaic system that produces a total power of 30 kW.

The top of low impact hotels Italians should see each other soon in Turin and then throughout Italy thanks to the project by the non-profit association Siti and the Nearly Zero-Energy Hotels project, a platform that aims to convert classic hotels into authentic low environmental impact hotel.

  • Low energy consumption lights
  • Water and heat saving bathrooms and showers
  • Thermal insulation
  • Non-polluting soaps and detergents
  • Soundproofing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green walls
  • Green wellness centers

These are just some of the peculiarities that can characterize a low impact hotel. The first hotels to respond enthusiastically to the Nearly Zero-Energy Hotels project were the Victoria hotel and the Golden Palace in Turin.

The low impact hotels, in addition to promoting the protection of the environment, they propose a solid business model full of advantages, first of all is savings. A model conceived in this way is capable of saving a lot of money on electricity and water utilities, it knows something about itRubens Hotel, Rimini.

L'Rubens Hotel can be called one of the few low impact hotels present on the Italian scene. The lighting has a low environmental impact, there is also a solar thermal system that heats the water of the entire structure. All the papers are not produced with virgin material or cellulose from the Amazon. The laundry is washed using detergents that comply with the regulations relating to ecological hotels with environmental quality certification.

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