Electric bicycles for boats

Electric bicycles for boats

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Folding bikes can play a crucial role for those traveling in a motorhome or in boat. Electric mobility was not long in coming and has overwhelmed this sector as well, so have spread electric boat bicycles and camper. While some folding electric bikes are well suited for transportation by train, boat, or car, others are born with just that purpose.

We are talking about the Mobiky line which among its versions includes one electric specially designed for use and transport on boats. The electric bicycles for boats Mobiky are easy to stow, have 16-inch wheels and with their electric motor for pedal assistance they ensure a range ranging from 25 to 50 kilometers. The shape of this electric bike folding has been designed to ensure minimum bulk and minimize protrusions. The electric boat bicycles Mobiky can be folded and stowed comfortably on the wheels, a fundamental factor for urban life: once folded, the bike can be placed in a special basket or carried in the shopping cart, in the lift and up the escalators. These electric boat bicycles they can be opened and closed in an estimated time of 3 seconds and are available in 3 variants according to the user's needs.

Who seeks electric bicycles larger in size, will have to renounce - only in part - the convenience of the “compact” format. They exist on the market folding electric bicycles from the size of classic Mountain Bikes. Such bike they are suitable for transport in more spacious boats and are perfect for those who live in a particularly small house. In this context we point out the electric bicyclesArmoni H12103 which feature a 250W electric motor and a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a range of 30 km. The top speed is 25 km / h, the wheels are 20 ″ aluminum and the price is not inaccessible, around 600 euros. For photos and more details you can visit this page.

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