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How to choose the air conditioner

How to choose the air conditioner

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The high temperatures, the particularly high humidity, the absence of ventilation force us not to be able to do without a air conditioning especially when it comes to safeguarding the health of the elderly, children and people with pathologies. Buy a air conditioning does not mean choosing one at random or worse the one that costs less! There are fundamental factors to be evaluated at the time of choice such as quality, energy efficiency and characteristics. In this regard, we are pleased to offer you some information on how to choose an air conditioner with a view to respect for the environment. For example, the separate dehumidification function is very useful to use it even without starting in cooling mode.

How to choose the air conditioner, inverter technology
In addition to the classic air conditioners with ON-OFF technology, there are recently on the market systems with a technology called INVERTER. This is a technology that allows the air conditioner to always remain in operation (at minimum) even after reaching the set temperature. they lead to considerable energy savings, up to 70% but only if kept on for more than 5/6 hours a day. they are also very quiet.

How to choose the air conditioner, gas use
The gases used inside the air conditioners were also varied.
GAS R 22: It has always been used in air conditioners and has been found to be harmful to the environment, so now its sale is prohibited. Those who own such air conditioners should keep in mind that in the event of a breakdown or gas leak they will have to use other reconditioned gases.
GASR410 is the most used gas for air conditioners, it is a clean, ecological and safe gas.

How to choose the air conditioner, energy rating
The choice must fall only on class A devices (or A + and above) with European guarantee and with an assistance service throughout the national territory, making sure that a technician with a telephone number is in your area. It must also be equipped with powerful filter batteries if you live in cities and polluted areas.

Useful recommendations: don't forget, however, respect for the environment! Limit its use or use it intelligently to avoid wasting unnecessary energy. Only in the dehumidification function, the house already becomes livable without having to waste energy to cool: by lowering the humidity level, the environment becomes cooler. On the contrary, it is better since there are no big changes between the external and internal temperature.

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