White oil: what is it for

White oil: what is it for

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White petroleum: what is it for, use, what it is and where to buy it. All the information to make the most of white oil, also called kerosene.

Thekeroseneo White petroleum is presented as a colorless liquid with a strong characteristic odor. It is used for its lubricating power, for its solvent power for synthetic enamels, synthetic oils and waxes. For example, if a wax stain is present and you don't know how to remove it, white petroleum may be a good solution. This material, in fact,dissolves paraffin,dissolves both synthetic waxes and natural waxes such as bees. It is a fuel so it is used as oil for lamps (known as kerosene) and also for heating (kerosene stoves).

White oil: what it is

Thewhite oilit is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor produced from the distillation of crude oil. It is a more or less refined mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of petroleum fractions.

In commerce the white oil it is also proposed with the name of bright white petrolorkerosene. To improve the user experience, there are colored (usually pale yellow, red or orange) or perfumed formulations. The scented version is used as a stain remover and cleaning agent.

Chemically it can be described as a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. It is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents, just think that theBeeswaxit dissolves completely in this liquid if left in the sun.

White oil: what it is for

His usesthey are many. It can be used as an antirust, mild solvent for paints, as a descaling agent in cleaning work and is generally also used as a stain remover, especially to remove tar, enamel and paint stains. It is also often used as a combustion, for carburization or lubrication of mechanical parts. Many people use thekeroseneto lubricate the chains of the bicycle or motorbike.

To make you understand well to what white oil is for, we report some examples of uses practical of this product.

White petroleum, most popular practical uses

  • White petroleum is used as a fuel to power petroleum lamps. In this context, a refined and unscented formula is used because otherwise it would damage the wick and the beak of the lamp.
  • Motorcyclists and cyclists use white petroleum to clean the two-wheeler chain of rust. To find out how to use white petroleum for cleaning the bike or motorcycle chain, please refer to the articleRusty bike chain.
  • White petroleum is used to clean firearms and air guns.
  • Scented White Petroleum is used for cleaning surfaces soiled with grease, tar and oil.
  • White petroleum is used as a paint solvent.
  • It is used as a stain remover to remove rust stains and paint residues.
  • The white oil it is used as a wax solvent, if you have candle wax stains on the floor at home, you can use this product effectively.
  • It is used for the dilution of synthetic and oleosynthetic paints, in order to make them more brilliant, shiny and allow for maximum expansion and yield.
  • It can be used as a paint remover to restore the original shade of the material.

In do-it-yourself preparations, it can be used as a diluent for solutions aimed at eliminating bituminous substances.

White oil: differences with white oil and mineral oil

Thewhite oilit should not be confused with white oil. With the termwhite oilorkerosene it indicates a mixture of hydrocarbons but this term can also be used to indicate thekerosene.

The term "white oil”Is similarly used to indicate a mixture of hydrocarbons, in particular petroleum distillates composed mainly of alkanes and cycloalkanes linked to petroleum jelly. L'white oilit is also known asmineral oil, is transparent and odorless (while thewhite oilhas a strong odor).

In summary:kerosene, white oil and kerosene are very similar or identical compounds (based on the manufacturers' wording). Kerosene or kerosene is classified under Community CN codes 2710 00 51 and 2710 00 55.

White oil, mineral oilor paraffin oil, are synonyms. These are oils used mainly in agriculture to eliminate aphids and other plant parasites. More refined versions ofmineral oilare used for the production ofcosmetics.

White oil: where to buy it

Thewhite oil, also saidkerosene, you can buy it in hardware stores or DIY stores. In large distributors such asLeroy MerlinorBricocenterit is found in the paint department, usually together with other solvents such aswhite spirit.It is possible to buy thebright white petroleven taking advantage of online trading. To get an idea, please visit the page dedicated to white oil on Amazon.

White petroleum: precautions for use

White petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons that should be used with caution. The compound is stable and not very volatile, therefore a protective mask is not necessary for respiratory videos (the evaporation rate of the product is medium-low), rather among the recommended precautions for use there is the use of protective gloves ( well the classic plastic or rubber gloves) and protective goggles. Thewhite oilmust be stored away from heat sources even if the self-ignition point is difficult to reach in normal environmental conditions: white petroleumauto-ignitesat a temperature of 210 ° C while the flash point is between 21 ° and 55 ° C.

We recommend that you do not throw the residual liquid from processing down the tap pipes, white petroleum is highly polluting and must be disposed of correctly.

Lampante oil: safety data sheet

We report some information contained in thedata sheetorsafety data Sheetof thekerosene or white oil:

Material:petroleum distillate kerosene

Description:complex mixture of hydrocarbons, obtained by distillation and refining of crude oil, having carbon number C9-C16 and distillation range approximate 145-300 ° C.

Safety rules:when handling the product, use protective goggles and plastic or rubber gloves. Two vapors can form explosive mixtures with air.

At the time of use ofwhite oil, it is advisable to read the warnings that the manufacturer indicates on the label.

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