White rose: meaning

White rose: meaning

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Themeaning of the white roseand what differentiates it fromroseof other colors. From pink rose to yellow rose, from red rose to orange rose. The symbolism that lies behind the White Rose in the language of flowers.

ThereRoseis considered the Queen of all flowers. Themeaning of flowers, based on color, it is often easy to interpret and, in part, this is also the case for roses.

Many think that the red rose is a symbol of passionate love and the white rose of chaste love. In reality this is not exactly the case: themeaningof these two flowers goes far beyond commonplaces. In the article "red rose: meaning" I explained to you that the red rose is the symbol of love that overcomes all difficulties, of triumphal love. The speech changes when theroseand of White color.

White rose: meaning

ThereWhite Roseit is the antithesis of the black rose. The white color is a symbol of purity and virtue but themeaning of the white roseit also resides in that of the flower. The rose itself expresses:

  • Power
  • Charming
  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • love
  • Lighting

To these meanings is added the symbolism linked to the white color:

  • Purity
  • Virtue
  • Nobility of soul
  • Innocence
  • Lighting

ThereWhite Roseyou can describe howthe flower of light, both for the understanding of a spiritual love, and for the loyalty it expresses. White is a pure, uncontaminated color as the soul of those who welcome this flower should be.

In the language of flowers themeaning of the white rosecan be expressed with the phrase "I am worthy of you "" my loyalty wants to join yours ". The symbolism also leads the white rose to spiritual growth (enlightenment, awareness, introspection…).

In the common culture theWhite Roseand thesymbolof Platonic love and of eternal and unconditional love.

White and red rose: what it means

On the market we often findrosemottled, white and red in color. The combination of these two colors combines the powerful and strong love expressed by red with the gentle and pure love expressed by white.

White rose: symbolism

In Christian iconography, theWhite Roseit is used to indicate access to paradise. The symbolism is clear: white presses innocence and purity. In some contexts, the White Rose is the flower that represents the Virgin Mary, here thereWhite Roseissymbolofchastityand virginity.

Meaning of flowers: white rose

In a treatise on thelanguage of flowersfound in Germany and dated 1899, onmeaning of the white roseit read: "its petals indicate the fortune of eternal and pure love, free from earthly passion ".For this theWhite Roseis still seen today as a symbol ofplatonic and spiritual love.

When you can give white roses

At funerals, you can give a white rose to express your condolences. The white rose symbolizes heaven, love, respect and honor. Remember that the white rose expresses spiritual love.

In the bride's bouquet, the use of the white rose dates back to 1840, when Queen Victoria got married. Since then, the white rose has been the most used flower in bridal bouquets.

It can be given as a gift to express glory and spiritual enlightenment, but generally it should only be given if you have a close and solid bond with the recipient. Although white, the rose is still a symbol of love.

White rose: origins

According to the Greek legends narrated by Anacreon (about 570 BC - 485 BC), theWhite Roseshe came into the world during the birth of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. As the legend tells, when Aphrodite fell into the sea during her birth, from the sea foam that touched the shore, brilliantwhite roses.

Aphrodite is the goddess involved in the origins of the white rose, red rose and all other roses.

Pink rose: meaning

The pink rose emphasizes grace and femininity. Pink also wants to symbolize a reliable and present love.

Thewhite and pink roseslike the ones shown in the photo above, they are a symbol of loyal, kind and stable love. A love with a noble and gentle soul, which does not fear time.

Orange rose: meaning

The orange rose symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, fortitude and love for family. It can be used to send a message of gratitude to a loved one.

Yellow rose: meaning

Theyellow rosesthey are a symbol of joy, vivacity and also of cheerfulness, euphoria and contentment. Yellow is the color of friendship: it is a color that wants to convey good humor and sunshine.

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