Hawthorn: plant

Hawthorn: plant

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Hawthorn: plantand advice on cultivation. Useful tips and uses.

Hawthorn: plant

Thehawthornit is a small shrub or very branched sapling. It is used both as an ornamental plant and as a medicinal plant.

Thanks to its shrubby development, thehawthorncan be grown likehedge.

We are talking about a deciduous plant (so it is not an evergreen). It can grow between 50 cm and 6 meters in height. It has a compact bark and a gray stem.

The younger branches have thorns and in spring they produce buds andflowers. Thehawthornof the speciesCrataegus monogyna, sometimes the synonym is usedCrataegus oxyacantha.

Hawthorn: flowers and flowering

By purposeornamental, thehawthorn plantit is cultivated for its beautifulwhite flowershermaphrodites sprouting inlate spring.

The flowering period is from May (in the south) to June (in the north of Italy). The duration of flowering depends on the climate and can last for a good part of the summer.

THEhawthorn flowersthey have a diameter of 10 mm and have delicate white petals (five petals) and numerous red stamens. THEflowershermaphrodites are pollinated by any insect, from midges to bees!

Hawthorn: fruit or berries

From the flowers, rounded fruits similar to berries develop. Each fruit contains a singlehawthorn seed.

The fruits ofhawthornare edible and used forjam, jamsor make syrups and jellies. They are used to flavor wine or make a typical liqueur.

The fruits are long and small, resembling a small red olive. They have a delicate flavor and typically have only one seed in the C. monogyna species but can have up to 5 seeds in other species.

Hawthorn: hedge and ornamental plant

In gardening thehawthornyou cangrow in potsindividually or in rows, to set up onehedge. Forgrow a hawthorn hedgeor ahawthorn in potthe indications seen in the guide are valid: how to grow hawthorn.

The hawthorn hedge is especially useful for agricultural purposes: its thorns and thick branches can set up a very compact natural fence. Therehawthorn hedgeit is low maintenance: this plant sees very slow growth.

There are numerous hybrids and varieties to be grown for ornamental purposes or to be used for growing a hedge. A hybrid is not missingCrataegus x media (C. monogyna × C. laevigataof which several varieties are known such as Paul’s Scarlet, ahawthorn with a dark pink flower, almost purple.

There are varieties with variegated leaves or with slightly larger flowers to grow for blooms.

Hawthorn: properties

We often speak of "officinal hawthorn". In reality it is the same species (Crataegus monogyna) used for ornamental crops.

They have been associated with this planttherapeutic propertiesso much so that it is used for medicinal purposes. In herbal medicine are very populardrops of hawthorn.

The parts of the plant used are the leaves, flowers and sometimes the fruits. It is a good source of substances with a powerful activityantioxidant. In particular, these antioxidant phytochemicals are present in leaf and flower extracts.

Hawthorn: tablets

To take advantage of the antioxidant properties of hawthorn, extracts in drops or tablets are available.

The tablets are to be preferred as they retain most of the active ingredients present in the plant. The relaxing properties have not been scientifically proven, however antioxidant activities have been highlighted. The phytochemicals would be able to counteract free radicals, preventing cellular aging.

In addition, some benefits on the cardio-circulatory system were highlighted. On blood pressure and heart function.

If you are looking for a product for relaxation, it is best to choose one that uses hawthorn extracts associated with plant active ingredients with a relaxing effect.

Among the products on the market, we point out the natural tablets of the houseMatt. Among many products we have chosen this because it combines the active ingredients of hawthorn with those of Valerian (relaxing properties). It is a 100% plant-based supplement, so it can also be taken by those who lead a Vegan lifestyle.

Hawthorn: contraindications

The plant has no particular contraindications. For details onbenefits, thepropertyand thecontraindicationsrelated to the use of hawthorn extracts, further information is available: hawthorn: properties and contraindications

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