Giraffe of Madagascar

Giraffe of Madagascar

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There Giraffe of Madagascar it is not an endangered species, it is not a species, it is a single VIP giraffe, made famous by the film - Madagascar cardboard but to which we want to dedicate an article because it deserves credit for having attracted the attention of many with his sympathy. Love for the Madagascar Giraffe then slipped onto the giraffe as an animal and here are millions and billions of children curious about this animal long-necked. This is something that also happens with i cartoons with dogs.

Madagascar giraffe: name

There Madagascar giraffe is called Melman, in the film, and one of the scenes she is remembered with is the one where, after saying “It's getting late, I think I'm going to…” she suddenly falls asleep. This animal certainly has no problems with insomnia, but it has others. The main one is thehypochondria which on the one hand makes her nice but on the other, ruins her life.

This animal, in the film, is obsessed with disease and scary, even if in the various scenes it gradually improves. We know him in the guise of a former guest of the Central Park zoo, one of the members of this funny and very varied gang that also sees Alex, Marty, Gloria, the penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Soldato and the chimpanzees Mason and Phil. For example, a Snow leopard and who knows if he would be happy with this crazy company.

Watching the films in the series, we learn that the Giraffe of Madagascar in New York he grew up in the Bronx Zoo, but when he grew up he was moved to Manhattan.

Giraffe of Madagascar: characteristics

I'm talking about female giraffe but in the film Melman is a male, highly trained in medicine, being a hypochondriac, and able to use the front legs as if they were arms so as to be even a tightrope walker and model dancer.

In the group of animals, the Giraffe of Madagascar covers the figure of the doctor of the group, is equipped with a thermometer, knows how to make bandages and put splints, for example to Marty, from one hand and heals all his friends who from time to time combine one in their group escape.

Without revealing too much, I want to mention to the crush Melman takes for Gloria, in the second film, to show that this giraffe is not only disease-obsessed and friend with a nursing spirit, she has a heart and can also be passionate and romantic. I do not reveal the developments between the two giraffes but in the third film we see them dancing on the tightrope together.

Madagascar giraffe: plush

If Melman has aroused your sympathy, you cannot fail to buy the "fetish" plush, on Amazon, 23 cm tall and extremely sweet.

Giraffe of Madagascar: voice

The plush does not speak, but in the film Melman and how if he has his say, even too much. In English it has the voice of David Schwimmer, in Italian before Fabio De Luigi, who doubles it in "Madagascar", then di Roberto Gammino which continues the work in "Madagascar 2" and "Madagascar 3", as well as in various courts that revolve around this zoological trilogy.

Madagascar giraffe: pictures

More than buying a poster, of Melman, I suggest you dedicate yourself to movie puzzle with the whole troop of friends. There is the one from 24 Pieces, at 9 euros, for the little ones, and gradually other versions for people who are older and more passionate about the genre.

Madagascar giraffe and friends

Here's a rundown of former Zoo guests told in the same movie, starting with Alex, very self-centered lion, unfortunate, good and full of energy and zoo star. His best friend is Marty. In the trilogy he often changes his mind about what to do: in the first film he loves being the star of the New York Zoo and he doesn't even dream of returning to live in "nature" but in the second film, when arrives in Africa, finds his family and prefers to live there.

Obviously in the third film, returning to the City he goes back to his previous aspirations and wants to be a circus star, especially with the trapeze. Fortunately he falls in love with Gia, a female jaguar and also a trapeze artist. The Lion is voiced in the original by Ben Stiller. Among the animals there is Marty, determined, dreamer and optimist, and then there is Gloria the hippopotamus, vain and optimistic, sweet and nice, also very sexy even if it weighs 500 kg.

The Penguins they are among the most hilarious characters, they behave like soldiers and use military jargon arousing laughter. They are efficient, organized, shrewd and ruthless but also funny. Among the various animals told are the two chimpanzees Mason and Phil, only the first, however, can speak, the second, Phil, is still very much in the wild and expresses himself with gestures.

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