Stripped, the bright branch

Stripped, the bright branch

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Can a tree give light? Yes, thanks toStripped eco lamp created by the Dutch designer Floris Wubben who took a tree branch, sanded it, hollowed out, cut, electrified it and made a lamp. It is a lamp eco-friendly which in design recalls a banana or a peeled fruit. The light sculpture is formed by a bark that begins to peel off until it is completely undressed to wrap the bulb giving life to the lampshade.

The structure on which the lampshade rests is a hollowed out branch, electrified, cut and divided into three sections in the lower part to form the legs of the lamp. What elements have been added? Only the electric cable and a light bulb!

A natural, original and unique creation: each piece differs from the other as the original shape of the branch will determine the final shape of the lamp making each object a unique piece of design. According to some information sites environmentalist there lamp provides a type of cold LED light to prevent any accidents that can cause fires.

L'Eco-lamp has been designed to integrate perfectly with environments open, characterized by green. A sustainable solution which, however, can also prove to be a precious interior furnishing component for those who love to have a home inspired by nature. According to psychoanalysts, direct contact with nature offers significant advantages also in favor of psychophysical balance.

Why not choose to have somenature directly at home? L'Stripped eco-lamp is a piece of nature that turns into a floor lamp, with a minimum number of modifications contributing to the construction of a world more in harmony with thenatural balances.

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