How to straighten hair without a straightener

How to straighten hair without a straightener

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How to straighten hair without a straightener:hairdresser tips and tricks to have straight hair without using the plate. Guide for long or short hair.

There hair straightener, however much it may be inceramic, jade crystals or with keratin treatment, ruin the hair. Yes, high temperatures are a real plague on our hair. Sun, hairdryer and above all straightening plates,weaken the hairmaking them frizzy and brittle. Then there is no escape for those who wantstraight hair without straightener?No, there is a solution. It's possible straighten hair without a straightener and today we will explain how to do.

The tips are valid for both those who are wonderinghow to straighten curly hairboth for those who askhow to straighten frizzy hair. Sometimes, if thehairthey are very thick and swollen, it may be necessary to use a vegetable oil, such as linseed oil.

How to straighten hair without a straightener

Who has haircurly, frizzy or wavy, with each crease, it may miss theplate. Not everyone knows that ihair can be straightenedalso with theheat from the hairdryer.

The straightener works by exploiting the heat: the hairdryer, if used well, canreplace the plate.

What do you need forstraighten hair without straightener?

  • A flat brush
  • A phone with a narrow spout
  • A comb
  • A vegetable oil

After shampooing, use a comb or wide-toothed brush to detangle your hair. This way you don't risk breaking brittle hair.

The narrow nozzle of the hairdryer will help you to better direct the jet of hot air.

L'vegetable oillike linseed oil it performs various functions, such as:

  • Eliminates the electrostatic effect generated between the bristles of the brush and the hair
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the hair
  • Eliminate frizzy hair
  • Perfect for puffy hair

Flaxseed oil should not be used if you want a very swollen smooth. Be careful not to confuse the concept of "swollen" and "bulky".

The flat brush is an essential accessory to be able tostraighten hair without a straightener. Among the various market proposals, I recommend the "suntatop" brush that you can buy on Amazon at a price of 8.99 euros with free shipping.

Why this advice?
Because it is the flat brush that costs less! You also find more expensive professional brushes but the substance does not change. In addition, there are no anti-static brushes, unfortunately the electrostatic effect is linked to a number of factors, so even if a product is sold as "with anti-static treatment" you will always find yourself with the same problem.

For all information on the product mentioned, I invite you to visit the dedicated Amazon page: suntatop brush.

To smooth the hair with the flat brush, just use the head as a base and slide the brush over the hair, following it with the hairdryer.

  • Slide the brush from side to side
  • Straighten your hair in all directions
  • Keep the nozzle of the blow dryer very close to the bristles of the same brush

Please note: the flat brush is essential forstraighten short hairor medium length. If you wantstraighten long hairyou can use the flat brush or the round brush.

How to straighten hair without a straightener

If you wantstraighten hair with brush and hairdryer, and you have a round brush, you can do it as long as you havelong hair. In this case you will have to start drying the hair from the root. The air from the hairdryer must be directed from top to bottom, aiming for the roots. In this way you will avoid thefrizz effect.

Wrap a section of hair around the round brush, then bring the section forward and with the hair dryer, starting from the root, follow the movement.

TheIntense heat of the phone gives the best resultbut, as stated, it can damage the hair. If you have brittle and brittle hair, use a medium size: the hairdryer allows you to adjust the temperature.

If forstraighten the hair with the flat brushthe hairdryer must be very close to the hair, when you use a round brush you can keep yourself at a distance of 2 cm.

Other strategies forstraighten hair without a straightenerprovide for the use ofcurlers.You will need more time to use the curlers but you eliminate the problem of extreme heat.

Video: HOW TO: Straighten 4C Natural Hair Tutorial No Blow Dryer Needed (June 2022).


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