How to remove the diaper

How to remove the diaper

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The time has come get rid of the diaper? It is not always easy to understand if the child is really ready for the big step or if we could upset him forcing him too much. To understand how to remove the diaper it is important to be able to do it in the most gentle and effective way possible. Here are some indications on this special moment, always considering that every child has his own character and history and nothing should be taken as an essential rule.

When to remove the diaper

Just to understand immediately, the use or not of the diaper it has to do with sphincter control which is a very delicate phase of growth and it is not possible to establish on paper the exact age in which it occurs. Usually within three years, therefore before the time when children start going to kindergarten. If all goes well, already around the age of two we can begin to think about removing the diaper, better choose to do it in the summer when the child can stay calmly only with panties and it will also be easier to change it, as it will be needed several times.

There are those who are already starting to 18 months the process of spannolinare, everything depends on the child and the intuition of the parents, the important thing is that everything happens as naturally as possible, almost for fun.

To evaluate what might be the most suitable time, it may be a good idea to ask the opinion of the nursery teachers, if the child attends it, or of the grandparents or those who often care for him. Maybe they perceived gods signs that can help us understand if it is the right time or if this step could be destabilizing for the child. There are countless signals that our children send us, it is up to our sensitivity as parents to understand and encourage them.

How to remove the diaper without trauma

As we said, this great step can and should be experienced as a moment of victory and emancipation, of fun and play. We make it so with every little trick we can think of. For example, we can prepare ourselves by buying with him the panties he prefers, so that he can connect him to an idea of ​​reward and joy.

To equip yourself from a logistical point of view, you can put it in the bathroom a stool and the toilet seat reducer, or get a potty, even if this second choice then involves a second step to be made, that from the potty to the toilet. If possible, avoid it and accustom the child directly to the toilet.

Stopping on the toilet, or on the potty, can at first appear useless and terribly boring, for the child who has never experienced it until now. The best thing is therefore to try to render it as pleasant as possible giving him games and booklets to pass the time.

At first, the child will not feel a particular need to go to the bathroom, he does not yet have the mechanism in his head and he will not automatically think about it. It is then we who can every now and then, on a regular basis, propose to him to go pee, to the bathroom, as if it were a new exciting game.

There rewarding logic is successful in these growth stages, so let us congratulate the child when he uses the toilet, showing him that we are very proud of him. Accidents on the way can and will happen that must not become traumas. First of all we have to make him understand that nothing serious has happened, that they are normal things, that everyone has happened, even to us, to make a drop of pee in their panties as children and the world has not fallen

How to remove the diaper at night

At night the sphincter control it is very meaningful and makes us understand if it really is the right time for the child to take the plunge.

When the baby is able to do without the diaper during the day, we proceed with the next step, which is to give it up even during afternoon naps. The first nights without a diaper are events that must be celebrated with a nice gift that makes the baby feel proud and sure of himself.

How to remove the diaper: tips

If it may seem like a trivial step to us, we know that it is not and we must try to be as delicate as possible in this phase. We do not make the diaper disappear suddenly, and above all without giving explanations, as if it were an obligation. Let alone have to hire a derisive attitude that can put the child to shame. We try to be firm but at the same time understanding, we take into account that the child could become nervous and intolerant of this epochal change for him.

We avoid phrases like "So you never get big"Or" all your friends don't use it, only you still have it "because they only cause anxiety making the transition more difficult. We are very careful about the timing, too. That is to say that if we already know that the baby is facing stress, we do not add that of the diaper which can, within certain limits, be postponed.

How to remove the diaper in 3 days

If we are convinced that the right time has come, here is the method to remove the diaper in three days that many parents find successful. It was studied by Julie Fellom. We start, on the first day, by removing the diaper, staying at home and taking the baby to the bathroom when we see fit and carefully observing how he moves every time. On the second day you try to go out to the park, in the afternoon, without a diaper and on the third day you are also out in the morning.

These three days could be decisive for remove the diaper during the day, always keeping it at night and keeping this passage for the following days

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