Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013

Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013

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Thegift ideasthey are never enough! So also for the nextChristmas 2013we offer you a list of potentialspresentsyou can do to friends and relatives. It is aboutgift ideaswith a "something extra ", characterized by a touch of sustainability and love for the environment!


Of course, the best gifts are those that are built with their own hands but unfortunately not all of us are artists, wizards of thedo-it-yourselfor artisans, so in this article we propose objects produced by companies that pay attention to every step of the production chain.

  • Log, by Sherwood ReDistribution
    Let's start with a handcrafted product from a small Italian start-up. It's called LOG and it's an ecological smartphone amplifier.
  • Anycast, the natural made in Italy
    Handmade cases that dress portable devices with a warm embrace. They are made of 100% natural and ecological merino wool felt. The felt used was in fact obtained without chemical processes and is free of artificial dyes.
  • Cover made in Italy by WWF
    The partnership between WWF and iNature was bornbiodegradable coverthat respects the environment and protects animals.
  • Tu & Tu, ecofashion made in Italy
    The microfiber of tu & tu products comes from recycled PET bottles.
  • Crush, ecological paper
    Agendas, notebooks and other stationery items made from fruit and vegetable waste. There is no more ecological paper than this and… it's made in Italy!

Not just virtuous companies, by clicking ongift ideasbelow you will be connected directly to the photo gallery of the corresponding products theseideas Christmas gift 2013they are intended for a sports and nature-loving public.

  • iPhone Case, waterproof, dynamic and bombproof cases!
  • Kit for electric bikes, if an eBike is too expensive, you can give away an electrification kit capable of transforming any bicycle into a pedal assisted bike.
  • Purifying plants, nothing better than a houseplant capable of purifying the air of the house.
  • Accessories in bioplastic, from shoes and watches up to water bottles and belts.
  • Backpacks with photovoltaic cells to recharge electrical devices without constraints: just a little sun!
  • Solar panel lamps
  • Bicycle accessories, perfect for bikers who love the outdoors.

Ecological gifts for Christmas

For othersecological gift ideaswe refer you to the article dedicated toEcological gifts for Christmas.

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