Retrievor, solar tracking device

Retrievor, solar tracking device

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Thanks to a micro-gadget asolar power you can monitor any moving body: cars, four-legged friends, bicycles, children… it is a particular systemGPS powered by solar power.The tracking device is able to forward, on a smartphone and in real time, the position of the object on which it has been applied.

Have you parked your car in a very crowded parking lot? You just have to launch the app on your smartphone and follow the signal sent by thesolar powered gps. The micro-gadget in question is calledGPS Retrievor and is made up of a unitGPSsmall and compact, perfectly integrated in a module of negligible dimensions.GPS Retrievorit has a diameter of 28mm and measures only 10mm in height. Its weight is 12 grams.


The size of theGPS Retrievormake this device perfect for hooking onto a bicycle frame or simply a pet's collar or suitcase! To meet the energy needs of the micro-gadget is not only the small solar cell,GPS Retrievor, just as it transforms sunlight into electricity, it manages to transform kinetic energy into electricity! In the absence of light or movement, charging via micro-USB is always available.

The accuracy of the tracking deviceGPS Retrievorit is particularly interesting: it discriminates the object to be traced up to indicating its position in an area ranging from 1.5 to 3 meters. In addition to being used as a mere tracking device, theGPS Retrievorcan perform an alarm function: the user will have to trace a "safe" area, so when the tracked object leaves this field of action, the user will be alerted with an SMS or an e-mail.


The first prototypes ofRetrievorthey can be purchased through a fundraising campaign at a cost of around 150 euros. A pretty good price for such accurate and cutting-edge technology!

Video: Carscop Solar GPS Tracker CCTR-808S Unboxing Video HD (June 2022).


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