Emergency battery for iPhone 5

Emergency battery for iPhone 5

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With the'iPhone 5, Apple has promised users improved battery life battery. The Californian company has kept its promise but the most demanding users are still not satisfied. It is for them that the market offers emergency batteries, covers with solar panels or houses that integrate one battery additional.

Four months after the launch of iPhone 5, finally comes a case capable of increase battery life... of course, proposals from the Asian market were already in circulation on Amozon and eBay, but what we are presenting today is the Mophie juice pack helium, already known to Apple veterans.

Mophie juice pack helium it's a ultra-thin case that protects theiPhone and increases the duration of the battery. The case acts as an emergency battery since it integrates a 1500mAh battery in the lower part. The case is capable of increase the battery life of the iPhone 5 80 percent.

Its elegant design does not overshadow and does not weigh down the minimal aesthetics of theiPhone 5. The accessory is easily assembled, it can fit into any pocket and handbag.

You may be wondering how an ultra-thin case can incorporate such a powerful battery… The Mophie juice pack helium it is ultra-compact because it uses particular lithium polymers. Mophie juice pack helium it is recharged via a USB connector and guarantees optimal operation for over 500 complete charging cycles. It does not interfere with speakers, microphone, camera and earphones. Its price is around $ 79.

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