Soultra XL, music to your ears

Soultra XL, music to your ears

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Are you going out for a picnic and want to listen to good music? Maybe by uploading yours too iPhone? Nothing easier! You have eight speakers at your disposal that not only play music but also charge your smartphone. This is Soultra XL, the dock for iPhone and iPod that acts as emergency battery charger and acoustic box.

Music and nature have never been so close except with the Soultra XL, the device is equipped with Photovoltaic cells thanks to which it provides an output power of 230mA, 2W. The Solar Panel it is given by a monocrystalline layer. The solar gadgetIt is equipped with two 2000 mAh, 7.4V lithium-ion batteries. They can be recharged both at home with the classic power outlet, and in the garden, using sunlight.

The solar gadget Soultra XL, with a complete recharge cycle, coming from clean energy, is able to recharge the batteries of Apple products and ensure the use of the speakers for up to five hours. The device is produced by Eton and is equipped with eight speakers which are divided into two tweeters, two woofers and four passive bass radiators.

The solar cells they are mounted on a pull-out panel and cover a total area of ​​approximately five square centimeters. It is equipped with a remote control to adjust the volume, change the song or radio frequency if the iPhone is used in FM. The structure that mounts the Solar Panel it can be tilted, so it will always be possible to position the panel in the most favorable angle to receive sunlight.

L'solar accessory that recharges and gives voice to your iPhone and iPod, is on sale at the Apple Store, Amazon, Crutchfield and other portals affiliated with Eton. The sale price ranges from a minimum of $ 119 to a maximum of $ 199, so beware of the deal!

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