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Perhaps scratching the mobile phone is not exactly a green idea Scratch and win mobile we would have without many, but the time is ripe for this too and the news is right. Just rectangles of cardboard and coins between your fingers (which however remain), the instant lottery follows us everywhere and you can also play from your smartphone.

As? With the Scratch and Win App free in touch version for iOS and Android operating systems and in HTML version, an evolution of the online scratch card introduced in 2006, compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices. obviously National Lotteries remind everyone of 'Play responsibly'... yes vabbeh hello.

It was to be expected. Second Eurisko, today 45% of Italians cannot do without their smartphone, not only for making phone calls but also for playing, listening to music and shopping. Indeed, second the Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano games (+ 44%) are driving the boom in sales on mobile stores in Italy, followed by music (+ 39%) and videos (+30). It is estimated that in 2015 in Italy smartphones will increase from 32 to 50 million and tablets from 3 to 11 million.

All scratching the smartphone screen hoping to see the winning symbols and numbers appear? It is normal that you wish it Mario Fanelli, managing director of National Lotteries, owner of Scratch and Win and related App, who is not wrong when he talks about 'Gamification' of the company: “Games drive the digitization of society and customs. So in the furniture age, in which one in two Italians can'tdo without your smartphone, Scratch and Win experiences, as a leader in the sector, the new potential of technology ".

Play Scratch and Win in mobile mode it's simple but you must be of age: the verification is done through the tax code when downloading the App from the sites of authorized resellers using your gaming account or opening a new one. Winning is much less easy and 6% of winnings over 500 euros are withheld by the state in the form of a tax.

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