Transparent photovoltaic

Transparent photovoltaic

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A transparent film composed of units photovoltaic, could cover the surface of tablet and smartphone without compromising its external appearance. The innovation comes from Ubiquitous Energy Inc., a young company that would like to use its technology to power it iPad and i Galaxy of the globe, without excluding OS.

The company claims its technology will be able to revolutionize the world of mobile devices bringing new life to the systems photovoltaic.

The solar cells developed by Ubiquitous Energy Inc. are completely transparent, so they could be applied right on the display of Tablet. The solar cells are made up of various organic layers, stacked on top of each other on the display of the Tablet without altering its appearance, functions and image result.

The company is currently conducting efficiency and transparency tests. The release of this system is not far off. The first prototypes hold great promise. The company is finishing its technology developments and has managed to achieve one transparency of 70 percent, there is still little to make technology completely invisible.

Not only Tablet but also green building is sustainable mobility
Technology would open new doors to the photovoltaic.
We talked about solar blinds, but what if one layer photovoltaic could it be applied on the windows of the house? Think about the application of invisible photovoltaic cells on the windshield of a car, a bus, a tram or a electric motorcycle. The ways of using a photovoltaic module completely transparent are endless and tempting.

Researchers should strive to increase theefficiency because the one achieved by the Ubiquitous Energy Inc. team is still too thin. For its technology, Ubiquitous Energy Inc has worked closely with MIT professors who have developed a "spectrally selective approach ", or, photovoltaic units which selectively collect only a spectrum of light.

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