ZTE Mobile Hotspot: ultra-fast and green

ZTE Mobile Hotspot: ultra-fast and green

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Faster but also greener, thanks to better heat dispersion and lower energy consumption. The new ones mobile devices, now a real alternative to the laptop, challenge themselves in performance and consumption. As a last example of this kind (in the most recent sense) we cite it ZTE MF93D, a device uFi LTE mobile hotspot (unified WiFi) second generation.

The new terminal ZTE MF93D it is ultra-fast; in fact, it can reach a maximum speed of up to 100Mbps and can be used simultaneously by 10 users, which makes it the ideal choice for global realities that intend to exploit 4G network services at very high speed.

With the integration of a chip LTE Qualcomm second generation, the ZTE MF93D offers significant performance improvements over the first generation of products LTE uFi. In addition to consuming less, ZTE MF93D supports networks dual-band 2.4G / 5GHz WiFi is mainstream 4G band in Europe and Asia-Pacific areas, but it can also use 3G and 2G networks, effectively eliminating the need to upgrade terminals.

Another improvement of the new ZTE model is in the superior capacity of the 2800mAh battery, which allows users to enjoy ultra-fast Internet browsing anywhere and anytime.

In addition to improved performance, the ZTE MF93D also offers a new user interface with one 1.4 inch touch screen and support for a uFi monitor, which allows users to access the Internet at the push of a button.

With the mobile device sales running at a great pace, the features and performance of the ZTE MF93D have already made this device extremely popular with major operators around the world. ZTE develops LTE terminals since 2008 and holds 7% of the basic patents in this area.

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