Internet of Things, what it is

Internet of Things, what it is

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Internet of Things, what it is and how it works. Examples of the so-calledinternet of things, applications, definition and advantages.

There isn't onedefinitionuniqueofinternet of thingsOurdefinitionencompasses the purpose of the internet of things. What is this new frontier for?

The goal ofinternet of things is to make the electronic world succeeddraw a map of the real world, thus giving a virtual identity to things and places in the physical environment.

What does it mean?
It means that thanks tointernet of thingsobjects ("things") are recognizable from the electronic world and are able to communicate with it.


In telecommunications, the internet of things is defined as the extension of the internet to the world of concrete objects and places.

Internet of things, what it is

To better understand what isinternet of thingswe offer you practical examples.

Imagine a world where the car slows down on its own and drives in economy mode because it already knows that the light will turn red at the next intersection.

Imagine an alarm clock that rings 15 minutes early because it already knows that you will find traffic on your way to work.

Imagine that the medicine jar reminds you to take the pill for high blood pressure.

All this is not just imagination but becomes reality thanks tointernet of things. Objects, thanks to physical servers and continuous access to the world ofInternet, they can communicate with each other and also with humans.

With the wordthings"Things" means objects and devices such as: equipment, systems, electrical systems, materials, tangible products (remember the bottle of drugs ?!), cars, equipment (including sports equipment such as a pair of sneakers), household appliances and all that you have at home.

Internet of Things, examples

Internet of thing, at home, blends perfectly with thehome automation. As well as theinternet of thingsin the Automotive sector it merges with communication technologyCar to CarisCar to X, thanks to which cars can communicate with each other.

Both when it comes to home automation and communicationCar to Car, the role of the internet is to support technological devices such as proximal, crepuscular, movement sensors and so on.

The world ofinternet of thingsit is not very far from our daily reality. Rather! We are already experiencing this evolution.

It will not surprise you to know that, at home,internet of thingshas as its primary objective theenergy savingand the optimization of resources and consumption. To get a further idea, we refer you to the page where we explain thefunctioning of home automation.

A further example ofinternet of thingswe find it in sports practice. Just think of sneakers that transmit times, speed and distance traveled to compete in real time with people who run and play sports on the other side of the world.

Internet of things and Smart home

L'internet of what's this, together withhome automation, transforms a simple house into oneSmart Home. Here are some concrete examples ofinternet of thingsalready available in the home.

So there is no difference between the internet of things and home automation? Yes, there is a difference. Indeed, let's say that they are two different sectors that in recent times go hand in hand. Among the concrete examples of the Internet of Things we report a home automation device.

The wifi thermostat is constantly connected to the network. It can be controlled from the smartphone with remote access (thanks to the internet, internet of things) or it could be automated and regulate the temperature thanks to sensors that communicate external / internal temperature and humidity (home automation). The difference should be clear as well as the connection between these two big sectors.

The air purifier could come into operation when the "pollen bulletin" communicates the need through automatic access to the network (internet of things). The air purifier itself could start working when the air quality sensor requires it (home automation).

Even the wifi refrigerator (also known as a home automation refrigerator or smart fridge) can be an example of application of theinternet of thingsin home.

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