Social media in the company? The seniors use them

Social media in the company? The seniors use them

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Google has studied the use of social media in the company

Who said that i social media are thing from Young people? A European study conducted by Millward Brown on behalf of Google shows that driving their use within companies is the senior staff, with 71% of respondents (83% in Italy) employing them at least once a week, compared to 49% of workers in junior roles. The research also shows that in Italy and Spain there is the greatest enthusiasm towards social tool, with 74% of respondents convinced that these new tools will have a strong positive impact on how they work. Three quarters of the respondents believe that the companies they will equip themselves with social toolsthey will be more likely to grow fast than those who won't use them.

The study, which gathered the opinions of 2,700 employees in companies in Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Sweden, it had the objective of taking stock of the state of use of social tools within companies. The Italian sample included 305 concept workers in managerial and non-managerial roles, senior (40% of the sample) and junior (60%) of private (85%) and public (15%) companies with at least 50 employees (at least 25 if in companies with offices in several countries). All respondents had access to social tools in the workplace.

A third (34%) of the Italian sample said they use public social tools (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) at least once a day, 23% use them almost every day, 11% at least once a week, 8% sometimes a month, 3% at least once a month, 7 % only occasionally and 14% never. The use of distinctly corporate social tools (such as Salesforce Chatter) is less intensive, with 24% of the Italian sample never using them. The overall results of the European sample are substantially aligned with the Italian ones: 32% use public social tools every day and 25% have never used corporate social tools.

Three quarters (75%) of senior managers interviewed believe that social tools are intended to change the company's strategies to support business growth, declaring that, using them, they have already been able to achieve improvements in the following areas: sharing of ideas and proposals between geographically dispersed teams (79%), productivity (76%), faster retrieval of information, people and skills (72%).

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