Trekking Vezza d'Oglio - Lake Aviolo on the Adamello Ultratrail track

Trekking Vezza d'Oglio - Lake Aviolo on the Adamello Ultratrail track

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About 1 month afterAdamello Ultratrail I followed Stefania Ferrante in one of her training sessions, for a trekking to Lake Aviolo, departing from Vezza D’Oglio, running and walking along one of the stretches of the 170 km Adamello Ultratrail race course which will start this year on Friday 20 September.

In this article you will find information, photos and videos on this beautiful route also suitable for families with a minimum of training as well as everything you need to know if you too want to participate in one of the Adamello Ultratrail races, perhaps at the 170 km in which Stefania Ferrante will participate in order to raise funds for the Davida Foundation with his project #spostalelefante, also supported by our Our website. To get to know Stefania better and for more details on this initiative, you can read my interview by following this link.

Vezza d’Oglio: the starting point of Adamello Ultratrail

Vezza d’Oglio is the municipality of Val Camonica increasingly appreciated by tourists who are keen on walking and running in the mountains for its strategic position which makes it an ideal starting point for excursions to the Adamello Park and the Stelvio Park.

Vezza d’Oglio it is in fact set between Val Paghera, in the Adamello Regional Park and Val Grande, in the Stelvio National Park, at 1,080 meters above sea level.

The proximity to the well-known tourist resorts of Ponte di Legno, Madonna di Campiglio, Bormio, St. Moritz and Livigno as well as the alpine passes of Tonale, Gavia, Mortirolo, Aprica and Stelvio makes the town ideal for holidays in nature both in summer and in the winter one.

Not far away it is also possible to visit Capo di Ponte, included in the World Heritage Site protected by Unesco, for the rock carvings evidence of prehistoric settlements.

Vezza d’Oglio it is also the starting point of the 170 km Adamello Ultratrail where Stefania will compete and the 30 km Adamello Trail.

The trek from Vezza d’Oglio to Lake Aviolo

One of the most suggestive walks that can be taken from Vezza d’Oglio is the one that leads to Lake Aviolo, located in Val Paghera, at an altitude of 1,930 meters. And that's what I traveled last weekend accompanying Stefania in one of her training sessions for the Adamello Ultratrail.

The distance that separates the center of Vezza d'Oglio from Lake Aviolo is 6.7 km and the laziest ones can further shorten the route to just 2.2 km arriving by car to the Alla Cascata Refuge, located a few meters from the path that winds through the woods towards Lake Aviolo.

The distance is short but be prepared to face a considerable slope, on a ground made up of dirt and others of stones and pebbles, always in good condition and never dangerous but which always needs due attention.

Stefania (obviously :-) precedes me in the first meters of the path towards Lake Aviolo

After an initial stretch in the wood with a bottom characterized by stones and dirt with roots, the path continues in the green, until it reaches a decidedly suggestive point where a sort of steep staircase made of stones begins that I look admired but also preparing myself ... for a good sweaty! :-)

... not bad is the climb that awaits me!

In reality, the climb was not particularly demanding and even less the following stretch where the path decreases the slope and leads to the ruins of the old cableway from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of Vezza d’Oglio.

View over the woods of the valley and Vezza d’Oglio. Note the IdeeGreen - Davida Foundation t-shirt made for the occasion! :-)

A few more meters and you will arrive at the beautiful "Sandro Occhi all'Aviolo" refuge. It is time for a well-deserved refreshment, for me consisting of polenta with melted cheese accompanied by speck followed by a blueberry tart, obviously "homemade" at Km zero! All truly "10 and praise" so I highly recommend this refuge.

Stefania in front of the Sandro Occhi all'Aviolo refuge

The Aviolo Lake

Ladies and gentlemen, after the beautiful walk, here is the well-deserved prize (which is added to the polenta with melted cheese! :-) A few meters from the refuge, Lake Aviolo appears in all its beauty, with the peaks of the Baitone, with its glaciers!

Photos and videos are better than many words ...

Aviolo Lake

To the left of the lake there is a beautiful path that leads to the meadows located behind the lake with a spectacular view of the Conca dell’Aviolo and the Val d’Avio ...

Conca dell’Aviolo

Stefania at Lake Aviolo

... I hope I was able to make you feel the beauty of these places that will host the Adamello Ultratrail, an excellent opportunity to visit Vezza d’Oglio and Lake Aviolo, encouraging the participants.

Adamello Ultratrail 2019: all events and how to participate

Adamello Ultratrail this year offers 4 opportunities for participation to meet the needs of a wide range of enthusiasts:

  1. The "queen race", Adamello Ultratrail, 170 km with departure on Friday 20 at 9 from Vezza d’Oglio. It is the race in which Stefania Ferrante will also participate.
  2. Adamello Trail, 90 km starting on Saturday 21st at 9 am from Ponte di Legno.
  3. Adamello 30Trail, 30 km starting Sunday 22 at 9, from Ponte di Legno.
  4. Adamello Slow Trail 20 km starting on Sunday 22 at 9 am, after the 30 Trail, from Ponte di Legno. Listen, listen ... this is the event I will participate in too! A free-paced walk - run that I will ride with some parkrun friends taking photos and videos that you can find on my Facebook page.

To register you must visit the respective sections of the official website and follow the directions.

During my visit to Vezza d’Oglio I also had the opportunity to meet Paolo Gregorini, organizer of the Adamello Ultratrail, who I asked to provide me with his thoughts on the event and on the link with the territory. Here it is below:

Paolo Gregorini: “Adamello Ultratrail is a complete event open to every type of mountain enthusiast. For real mountain trailers it means a journey of rare beauty on the paths of the Stelvio and Adamello Park on the mountains on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, perfect organization, magic of autumn colors and last but not least the special welcome that the volunteers (over 250 ) know how to donate to competitors.

For trail beginners and all long-distance runners, even the shortest distance, the 30km Trail for a "long" early season. There are also two promotional initiatives for the very young on 7 September and the free-paced walk of 20 km on Sunday 22 open to all.

Adamello Ultra Trail he is not alone deseasonalization of tourism, enhancement of the territory, but also safeguarding the path heritage. The route, obstructed in several sections and devastated by the tornadoes of last autumn, has been restored and is accessible in all its length thanks to the work of volunteers and local administrations who have always believed in the goodness of the initiative. The Walkways of the Great War remain an undisputed heritage to be preserved and the Adamello Ultratrail's mission is to enhance unforgettable places and routes. "

Thanks to Paolo for his commitment and see you at the weekend of the event when I too will cover the 20 km of the Slow Trail but above all when Stefania will try to complete the 170 km of the queen race of the weekend!

I hope as always to meet many of our readers and to walk and run in company!

Video: VDG Trail official video FILM (June 2022).


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