A dog extends its life: studies and advice

A dog extends its life: studies and advice

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A dog puts us in a good mood and helps us stay fit, reminds us of our emotional and animal side but a dog extends its life, also. It seems so from some studies carried out in recent years and as time passes we discover more and more benefits of keeping a dog with us.

An animal by our side, so faithful and loving, it certainly has a healing and calming power, it keeps us company and revives the atmosphere. These are things we can see with our own eyes and they are not difficult to experience and believe. It is different for the benefits that directly affect our health, here we must ask for help from science and research and trust.

A dog extends life: studies

There are two studies that confirm that having a dog reduces the risk of dying from a heart attack or having a stroke. There are no complex arguments from a medical point of view but very simply the presence of a dog in our life forces us to do a lot of physical activity and this can only improve our lifestyle. At the same time we suffer less from loneliness and our body benefits from this state of well-being.

These are not bar considerations, the American Heart Association (Aha) made them much more in depth in its journal Circulation cardiovascular quality and outcomes, supporting its claims with two different studies on the subject. What seems like common sense reasoning, therefore, is based on excellent quality data that associates the company of a dog with a reduced cardiac mortality. One study was done in Sweden, another in Canada.

Sweden researchers fromUppsala University found that deaths after hospitalization for dog owners dropped by 33% for those with heart attacks who lived alone and by 27% for people with stroke who lived alone. For those who live with the family and not only have the dog within their walls, the effect is much less pronounced.

In Canada ten studies similar to the one conducted in Sweden were reviewed and the results confirm what has already been discovered. The risk of death afterwards a heart attack it drops by 65% ​​for those living with a dog. Doctors explain that having a dog means more exercise, lower blood pressure, and better cholesterol levels.

A dog extends life and makes you happy

The presence of a dog not only lengthens life but improves it. There are many benefits in addition to that related to the risk of heart attack or stroke that we must not overshadow because they affect the quality of our daily life and the balance of our person.

A dog, as well as a cat, have a restful and soothing power almost immediate that, day after day, can arrive and make us less agitated and anxious people. If we have an animal to stroke, our body has the opportunity to relax and release endorphins, blood pressure is lowered, the muscles relax and the heartbeat is regularized.

This happens in everyday life, but you can also take advantage of the presence of a dog for therapeutic purposes and at this point it leads to pet therapy, widely practiced by those suffering from physical or mental disabilities with positive and tangible effects on health.

The presence of a dog also helps us a lot from an emotional point of view, educates us to strong bonds, intense, lasting and trains us to coexist with someone who loves us but has needs different from ours. A dog can improve shyness and introversion, it can increase our self-esteem and confidence in us, it can soften us and help us demonstrate our emotions and feelings with less fear.

Let's not forget also that a dog extends life but it can also help us find new friends and socialize.

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