Grapefruit seeds: properties, benefits and contraindications

Grapefruit seeds: properties, benefits and contraindications

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They seem to be discarded in appearance like those of other citrus fruits and not many know that you give grapefruit seeds an extract considered to have a thousand applications is obtained, rich in benefits for the natural care of our health. We are talking exactly about the seeds of that citrus fruit Citrus aurantium, belonging to the Rutaceae family. It grows on a plant native to Asia.

Grapefruit seeds: properties

There are numerous and at times unthinkable properties that the extract of grapefruit seeds can boast. Let's see the main ones.

This substance is considered a powerful antiviral and bactericide. Going to see how it is made, we learn that it comes to us from seeds and membranes of the dehydrated fruit. During this process, the formation of new chemical bonds takes place which act on many harmful microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts, molds but also parasites such as worms and lice and protozoa such as the one that causes diarrhea and dysentery.

L'seed extract blocks the action of the microbial cell membrane which is modified and there is a loss of cytoplasmic elements. This causes it to become unable to absorb amino acids from the surrounding environment, so the microorganisms "starve".

Grapefruit seeds: benefits

These seeds contain vitamins such as A, C, E, in addition to selenium and zinc which make them an effective antioxidant against free radicals, responsible for cellular aging. It seems thanks to vitamins, they are also a remedy against Herpes simplex and flu viruses. When do i early symptoms of flu thanks to grapefruit seeds it is possible to shorten the course of the disease because the extract stimulates the immune system, often avoiding complications.

The presence of C vitamin, sterols and traces of mineral salts make grapefruit seeds a food with anti-cancer properties: the substances found in the pulp and seeds of this fruit should limit the risk of colon cancer.

As we have already mentioned before, explaining the trigger mechanism, i seeds of this citrus they have interesting antiviral and antifungal properties and fight viruses and bacteria. Among all, theHelycobacter pylori, a microorganism that can lead to an excessive increase in acidity in the stomach, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, gastric or duodenal ulcer.

Grapefruit seeds also have aanti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action, thanks to antioxidants and phytonutrients called bioflavonoids, and antifungal, that is, they counteract the development of fungi, molds and yeasts. In this category we find, for example, Candida albicans, normally present on the skin and mucous membranes without being harmful, but which can cause problems in case of alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora. This happens, for example, if you make a prolonged use of antibiotics or if you are going through a period of strong stress or a decline in immune defenses.

Grapefruit seeds: uses

We find this product widely used also together with gods detergents that we use daily for our personal hygiene: shampoo, shower gel, shower gel, liquid hand soaps and intimate hygiene. We can add it to the water in the foot baths, mix it with the mouthwash or put it on the toothbrush together with the toothpaste to improve the cleaning of the teeth and mouth.

There are also those who carry the extract with them when they travel, since it acts against germs and can be used to disinfect both environments and the water itself. In case it can serve for get rid of mold even from the shower, the bathroom fixtures and the washable surfaces of the house.

Anyone who has pets can also use it on them if they are bitten by fleas and ticks. Those with green fingers can apply it on plants such as natural pesticide, in the form of a spray, after being diluted in water.

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Grapefruit seeds: contraindications

Despite the many benefits it brings, the extract of grapefruit seeds it cannot be taken lightly, without ascertaining that it may be what is right for us. It is therefore important to ask your herbalist or trusted pharmacist to know the exact use of the extract according to your health conditions. Grapefruit, with the seeds but also with the juice and with the fruit itself, can interact with some drug therapies, produces an alteration on the action of the same drugs.

There are many classes of drugs that undergo side effects of grapefruit. We move from anxiolytics, to antidepressants, from antiarrhythmics to antihistamines. And then there are statins (for cholesterol control), calcium channel blockers (for hypertension), antibiotics, chemotherapy, immunosuppressants.

Best if you are following one pharmacological therapy, is to ask your doctor if grapefruit is compatible with the treatments he has given us.

Grapefruit seeds: price

With all the precautions we have indicated, before taking them, you can buy it in a herbalist's shop or a pharmacy that also holds this type of natural products. Also online you can find interesting offers such as this organic extract, at 14 euros in a 100 ml package, on Amazon.

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