Compact MyWay, more than a scooter

Compact MyWay, more than a scooter

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A compact, dynamic, young urban vehicle that you can store in your bag? It is already a reality. We told you about scooters and segways for urban mobility. Today we present another form of individual transport - a scooter that boasts the characteristics of one electric scooter but it's also foldable, small and compact!

It is an almost pocket-sized vehicle, it is called Compact MyWay it boasts all the qualities of one scooter but it has the shapes and dimensions of a electric scooter. The first prototype cost around 1,650 euros and was successfully tested along the Parisian streets.

The developer is industrial designer Nimrod Sapir who is firmly convinced of the spread of such vehicles in the very near future; in fact, these are practical, quiet and clean individual vehicles, perfect for getting around the city center without breaking a single drop of sweat: there is no need to move pedals and moreover it can be carried on the shoulder, unlike the more bulky ones electric bicycles.

Compact MyWay is a two-wheeled vehicle intended for personal transport, among its features we see that it can be folded and stored in a practical case that is the size of a small suitcase, similar to a gym bag!

With an electric power supply, it weighs about 12 kg and can be folded to extremely small dimensions, about 25 x 10 x 9 cm, so users can drag the folded vehicle using the rear wheel or also fold the wheel and carry it on their shoulders .

It has the appearance of a scooter but it is defined as a e-scooter foldable and practical.

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