How to cure candida with natural remedies

How to cure candida with natural remedies

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How to cure candida with natural remedies: from symptoms to causes. All the tips and remedies to fight candidiasis, a fungal infection that afflicts many women and some men.

Candida: symptoms, remedies, prevention and treatment

It has happened to everyone to have, at least once in their life, a very annoying oneintimate itchingrelated to burning and unsightly white discharge. In most cases, these symptoms are related tocandidiasis, a fairly common fungal infection: it has been estimated that 75% of women have had to deal withcandidat least once in a lifetime.

Can candida come to males?

Although less widespread, thecandidait can also take root on the male genital organs.

Usually, thecandid in man occurs following an infection through unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman affected by candidiasis vaginal.

What are the symptoms of candida

Symptoms are common in both men and women. In man there can besymptomspeculiarities as reported in the list.

  • Severe itching and intimate discomfort
  • Burning or pain
  • Foul-smelling, whitish and semi-solid leaks (for this reason commonly nicknamed "loss in ricotta")
  • In humans, candida can also manifest itself with red sores and / or patches located on the foreskin

What are the main causes of candida?

There vaginal candidiasisit is caused by the fungusCandida albicans. This fungus is already present in our body and when placed in balance with other microorganisms it does not cause any problems. In the presence of some favorable situations, however, it can proliferate quickly, it can multiply and become invasive to the point of causing the symptoms of an infection, candida! In the list below we will specify what are the causes that can increase the risk of contracting candidiasis.

  • The risk of contractingcandidiasisincreases in conjunction with antibiotic treatments and, in general, weakening of the immune system.
  • The risk of contracting thecandidit increases among diabetics and in the case of an excessive presence of sugars, which the fungus feeds on.
  • The risk increases in the summer or when the private parts are often in contact with wet fabrics and clothing.
  • The risks ofcandidiasisthey increase for those who always wear synthetic underwear and excessively tight pants.
  • Some studies correlate the use of oral contraceptives to candida.

The weakening of the vaginal flora can also occur:

  • in case of diabetes
  • in case of pregnancy
  • in case of constipation
  • in case of stress

In addition, the high use of alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea or chocolate could favor a proliferation of the fungusCandida albicanspenalizing the vaginal flora. Even the use of too aggressive intimate cleansers can cause an imbalance of the vaginal flora.

The use of underwear made with synthetic fibers or pants that are too tight, can alter the physiological pH of the vaginal environment and so as to favor the proliferation of the candida albicans fungus and cause candidiasis.

Candida, remedies and treatments

Therecareof thecandidgenerally consists of the local application of ova or antifungal ointments specifically prescribed by a specialist doctor. Sometimes thecandidit is asymptomatic, that is, the fungus can proliferate without creating many nuisances, which is also why the woman should undergo a gynecological examination periodically; according to the personal situation, it is possible to draw up a periodic program of visits with your trusted doctor.

If you think you have thecandid,contact your health care physician and describe your symptoms. The more timely the treatment is, the faster the results will also be. If you often suffer from candid (if candidiasis recurs often), tell your doctor who may also prescribe oral antibiotics. Also notify the doctor of any use of the "pill", he will, if necessary, advise you on a short interruption or replace it.

How to cure candida with natural remedies

In this paragraph we will see how candida is treatedwithnatural remedies.

  • The intake of lactic ferments can help you rebalance the vaginal bacterial flora.
  • Essential oils such as tea tree oil can be very soothing with local applications via douches.
  • Bicarbonate or lactic ferments based douches are also beneficial.
  • Fennel, cumin, anise or Pau d’Arco, are homeopathic remedies that can be useful in protecting the ureo-genital tract.
  • In the periods when you have the candid, avoid the use of tampons.

How candida is treated

If the problem persists, consult your doctor or gynecologist. The gynecologist can easily diagnose cases of candidiasis.

It is not uncommon for thecandidit can become chronic and over time have many relapses. Therecurrent candidiasisthey are very difficult to treat and medical advice is a must.

Generally, antifungal products for local use are recommended for the treatment of candida. The most common class of active ingredients to treat candida is that of azoles. In the case of recurrent infections, in addition to systemic therapies with creams, it is advisable to carry out careful prevention. Nutrition also plays a fundamental role.

How to prevent candida

For prevention, it is advisable to avoid all risk factors listed in the "causes". Intimate hygiene must be very accurate but not too aggressive: use a delicate intimate cleanser capable of respecting the pH and the vaginal flora. At the table, avoid yeasts and sugars and remember to wear comfortable linen and breathable cotton.

Candida and nutrition

There is a list of foods not recommended and foods recommended in case of candida. In fact, nutrition can play a crucial role.

It is no coincidence that among theremedies for candida thefood supplements.

Among the most effective candida supplements, we point out theAnti candida complexwhich combines the active ingredients of a large number of herbs. The anticandida supplements perform a probiotic function. If antibioticseliminateany microorganism (good vaginal flora and bad fungi such as the one that causes candida), probiotic supplements help restore the physiological balance of our microbial flora.

TheAnti candida complexorCandida Complexyou can buy it at the pharmacy or using the online purchase. On Amazon, a bottle of 60 capsules can be bought at the promotional price of 12.99 euros with free shipping.

For all information on the product mentioned, please refer to "this Amazon page“.

Candida, forbidden foods

Avoid leavened or excessively sugary foods. The foods to avoid are: butter, frying, cheese, dried fruit, wine vinegar, alcohol, sugary drinks (cola, fruit juices ...), sweets, bread, pizza and leavened pasta.

Candida: foods yes

The allowed foods are: apple cider vinegar, crackers, biscuits, fruit (especially citrus fruits), fresh vegetables, rice, whole grains, meat, fish and legumes, yogurt, foods rich in live lactic ferments and, in limited quantities, cane sugar .

For other symptoms of the candid of manand of the woman and for all natural remedies, we invite you to deepen the topic on the page entitledCandida, natural remedies.