Jozani National Park: how to get there, info and costs

Jozani National Park: how to get there, info and costs

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Established in the 1960s, the Jozani forest is a spectacular protected reserve that extends over 50 square kilometers on theUnguja island, the main of the islands that make up theZanzibar archipelago.

Also known as Jozani Chwaka National Park, this reserve was established to preserve the incredible endemic animal species of Zanzibar, among which the well-known red colobus monkeys stand out, living their lives among bushes and trees.

A visit inside the Forest, means having the incredible fortune of observing these fascinating animals within their natural habitat. But the colobus monkeys are not the only species that inhabit this sensational natural place. In fact, other fascinating species also live here such as the white-throated vervet and a great variety of butterflies and birds. But what do you need to know for a visit to the Jozani forest? Let's find out together!

Jozani National Park: how to get there, costs and schedules

If you are already on the beautiful island of Zanzibar, the easiest solution to reach Jozani National Park is to book a tour online or to contact the concierge of the hotel where you are staying to ask for information and offers from local agencies, but be careful. to the services included in the package.
Often the cheapest tours only include transport to the national park without entrance fees and a guide. In these cases it is not worth buying it, in fact you can reach the park independently by paying a taxi driver at certainly more advantageous prices. Much better to choose a tour that includes both the package and the entrance to the park.
The park is open from 7:30 to 17:00 and admission costs the equivalent of 8 Euros. It is possible to tip the guide, but it is not mandatory.

Jozani National Park: recommended clothing

As for the equipment, this is a fairly simple tour, so nothing special is required. As for the footwear to wear, you can also visit it in sandals or flip-flops. However, you will have to pay attention toclothing as the local guides are Muslim and could therefore tolerate too skimpy clothing (avoid wearing a bathing suit).

Jozani National Park: What to see and what to do

There Jozani forest it has an impressive variety of landscapes. They range from wooded areas characterized by the presence of mangrove trees, up to bays of the island of Chwaka and Uzi, where you can admire colorful species of fish, molluscs and crabs.

The main activity in the park is one 45-minute walk that leads through a nature trail. During the nature trail in the forest, visit the Mama Mtondoo, a majestic mahogany tree believed to be over 200 years old. Equally fascinating are the "twins": the strangler fig and the sycamore that grow in symbiosis with each other. Finally, we must mention the walkway that crosses the mangroves of the stream and the coastal forest where butterflies and birds live.
For safety reasons (both visitors and animals), tourists are advised not to get closer than three meters from the monkeys.

Jozani National Park: What to see in the surroundings

The tour around the Jozani forest takes approx two hours to be completed, so once finished you can visit the surroundings. A short distance away is the Zanzibar Butterfly Center, a tropical garden that is home to over twelve different species of butterflies. Equally close is the Paje village, characterized by beautiful beaches and picturesque settings. Finally, about an hour and a half away, you can reach the well-known Rock Restaurant, the seaside restaurant from which you can admire wonderful sunsets and take perfect selfies to fill up on your Instagram account!

Recommended resorts near Jozani National Park

As for your stay the best resorts located in the vicinity of the Jozani National Park I'm the Dongwe Ocean View (photo above) and the Kichanga Lodge.
Both structures offer well-kept rooms, excellent cuisine but above all a white beach surrounded by palm trees under which to relax with an incomparable view and a crystal clear sea perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

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