Dual wash

Dual wash

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In every corner of the city there are car washes, but what do we do with two wheels? The convenience of bicycles has been proven with the Tartaruga Trophy, cyclists are increasingly numerous and today, in Milan, we see the first bike wash. A trend that could spread throughout Italy.

The original idea came to Igor Verner, owner of the Igor Bike shop, in via Thaon di Rivel, in Milan. The bike wash takes place in a special box where the bicycle will be refurbished. During the winter, the bike, parked in the garage, will have collected dust and will need a good polish! In the box wash, the bike is cleaned of grease and rust.

This is not a simple one wash with water. There bike it will be dried and will undergo a final treatment with a silicone spray. The chains will be lubricated, the bearings put in tension. The bike will be ready to hit the road. "Basically it can be said that I shampoo bicycles“, Comments Igor Verner to Lucia Landoni, colleague of“ la Repubblica ”in Milan.

The service of bike wash, better defined as "bi-washing", costs 25 euros. It may seem like a high figure, but if you consider that it is an operation that gets the bike ready after the winter break, it could be a great convenience for Milanese cyclists, so much so that it has already happened in Milan!

Even better would have been a recovery system for the high-pressure water jet used by Igor for the operation bike wash but this is a very fresh initiative, let's give it time to grow!

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