American Spitz: appearance and size

American Spitz: appearance and size

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Small and lively, it is not to be underestimated American Spitz as a dog and he is certainly not one of those to give to the elderly to keep them company since he is in great need to move and play. It has an excellent character and an elegant and nice appearance, let's get to know it to see if it is for us.

American Spitz: origins

We call it American, but its origins are all European, in fact it comes from Germany. In fact, this Spitz actually derives from German spitz but he was given the adjective "American" in the name due to a political choice linked to events concerning the WWI. It was decided to avoid any reference to the Germanic enemy by specifying that this dog is to be linked to the United States.

Our Standard American Spitz dog is one of the three existing varieties for this dog breed of which we also find two other versions, a "toy" and a "miniature". All three varieties belong to Group 5, that of spitz type and primitive type dogs, in the F.C.I classification and the difference is made by the size, even if you do not imagine that the standard is very large.

The size of the Spitz remains however small but this does not mean that we are dealing with a fragile or weak dog: it has a very robust structure and a musculature that would be the envy of many dogs of XXL size. One of the most striking features of this animal on an aesthetic level is undoubtedly the coat that is long and very thick, with a terribly soft air that it is hard not to caress it immediately. The whole body is covered with it quite regularly, most of the time it is White color but there are also other shades admitted by the breed standards which however differ little from the main color and are cream and straw yellow.

The body of the Spitz Standard is quite square, we can circumscribe in a square and even in the limbs there are no disharmonies, despite the presence of many muscles. Looking at it as a whole, perhaps the eye falls with curiosity on the legs which are actually a little small but still well structured from a muscular point of view.

American Spitz: character

As we immediately mentioned in the opening, this dog has a wonderful character, makes a lot of company and knows how to adapt well to domestic environments. It is definitely a dog for the family, it gets attached to all the members and does not like being alone, it participates in the life of its owners very willingly. However, he has a strong character and knows how to behave, even if you are not experts in dogs you will still be able to coexist amiably with the American Spitz because obey and respect the family who adopted it. He is able to interact serenely with children, as well as with other dogs he meets.

American Spitz: Care and the Need for Exercise

His liveliness and his will to live are certainly contagious but make him a dog that needs to do a lot of movement and to be stimulated with games or activities. He has an energy that somehow has to vent and, loving the company, he wants to do it with us who are his masters. So if you take such a dog, be prepared to give it some time so that it does not suffer unnecessarily.

Today the Spitz is highly sought after as pet dog and, despite its small size, we also find it as a watchdog, given its physical prowess and its strong and determined character, and very fond of the family that it protects. We can also find it used in some circus activities, since in the middle of the last century it was rehearsed in some shows. In particular, it lends itself to the spectacular games of these environments due to its agility and rapidity of movement.

As far as care is concerned, it is necessary to keep up with him a bit regarding the coat, as often happens when dealing with dogs with thick fur and all the more white like hers. Periodic health checks are also necessary with periodic visits by a trusted veterinarian while for feeding, it must be very regular, punctuated by at least two meals a day of rather modest quantities so that it remains an athletic dog.

American Spitz: diseases

After the necessary check-ups, the Spitz dog does not present any details Health problems throughout the life span and does not require special attention

American Spitz: breeding

In Italy there are about fifty farms of this splendid breed and they can therefore be found from South to North. In the province of Sondrio for example we find Imperial dynasty, in Teglio, in the province of ChietiTo Pomsprestige breeding and breeding in the province of Catania PurePassion.

American Spitz: price

It is not a particularly expensive dog to keep, the expenses are average and when you want to buy it you have to take into account a couple of thousand euros. Much then depends on the individual characteristics of the dog, its health and its pedigree.

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