Plants that bloom in the fall

Plants that bloom in the fall

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Plants that bloom in the fall: between October and November, flower bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are planted, while lesser known plants such as colchichum, crocus and solanum bloom in early October. Let's see what the plants that bloom in autumn, some tricks for cultivation and indications on the choice.

Plants that bloom in the fall: considerations and recommendations

Although autumn is the season in which the leaves fall, there is no shortage of plants capable of giving us beautiful blooms as long as you choose well and add some attention.

A first consideration concerns the possibility of choosing plants that bloom for a longer period, starting in summer but continuing until the beginning of autumn and then until the end of September - beginning of October. One of these is, for example, the Aster or Margherita di San Martino, of which you will find here having some basic information and a beautiful image in our article.

Sometimes it is possible to prolong flowering simply by moving the plants to the sun in the central hours of the day, covering them with special sheets or moving them to a more protected area at night.

In autumn, it is advisable to reduce the amount of fertilizer and water while making sure to keep the soil moist and therefore watering periodically in case nature does not provide the usual autumn rains.

The largest and most rustic garden plants are the most resistant ones although it will still be preferable to apply a light mulch at the base.

Plants in the fall: general information on some garden plants

Autumn does not entirely affect the green space, in fact there are many varieties of plants that can withstand the first cold weather and can therefore remain safely outdoors making a fine show on our balconies and terraces.

  • Among the most popular and popular varieties we have the cyclamen, we find them in different colors and sizes: they look great outdoors, even if preferably in a dry and sheltered place, since they fear frost. The smaller species are the most resistant
  • Another plant very suitable for autumn is theheather: its flowering period begins in autumn and lasts all winter. It does not need a lot of space only for good drainage and in this regard we advise you to add gravel to the container to avoid water stagnation
  • Also worth mentioning are the colorful ones violets, are hardy and will survive even in snow without any problems
  • Same goes for the ornamental cabbages and for the win, an evergreen plant with a drooping habit
  • Do not overlook the solanum, a particular plant that is filled with colorful berries in autumn.

Plants in the fall: list

Below we offer a list of plants that bloom in autumn with the link to our detailed article when available.

Plants that bloom in autumn: Grevillea

Its origins are Australian but the plant adapts well to the Mediterranean climate. At the end of October, the Grevillea blooms giving a very particular show: flowers from the long chalice that develop into colored curls from which small inflected stomata and a single pistil emerge. The colors are the most disparate: pink, bright pink, yellow, red, orange ...

strawberry tree

Plants that bloom in autumn: Strawberry tree

This plant allows us to bestow flavor (for fruits), color (for the flowers) is joy(for the scent) to the autumn season. THE flowers appear with the beginning ofAutumn and turn into red fruits at the end of the cycle.

A beautiful vase of cyclamen

Plants that bloom in autumn: Cyclamen

Cyclamen are able to give flowers all year round, even in the months ofAutumn. In autumn, cyclamen should be transplanted into a pot with fresh earth with a clay base and placed in a bright area.

Plants that bloom in autumn: Erica

L'Heather is a genus of the Ericaceae family, including about 700 evergreen shrub-like species. The production of flowers occurs mainly in autumn, and is abundant, for this reason the heather plants are cultivated as ornamental.

You can appreciate a beautiful heather plant with its colorful flowers in the opening image of this article.

New England asters

Plants that bloom in the fall: Asters

L'aster it includes over 250 different varieties so it can have decidedly variable shapes, colors and "degree of resistance to bad weather".

The New England aster is one of the resistant varieties, suitable for our autumn and with abundant flowering. The colors of the aster range from pale pink to fuchsia, from white to blue up to intense purple.

Plants that bloom in autumn: Violets

These are small ornamental perennials that offer a beautiful presence in the garden, terrace or balcony thanks to their beautiful fragrant flowers. They are very resistant to cold.

Plants that bloom in the fall: Ornamental cabbages

Ornamental cabbages can color the garden in the middle of winter and inAutumn. Planting can be done in early autumn, they need a sunny area where water does not stagnate. If grown in pots, ornamental cabbages must be supported by fertilization that must be sustained every 15-20 days. To choose the most suitable variety, rely on the color or flowering period.

Solanum jasminoides

Plants that bloom in autumn: solanum

The Solanum is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Solanaceae family. The flowers are regular, with 5 petals and 5 sepals. The chalice is bell-shaped.

You might also be interested in our related article on autumn leaves.

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