How to become a member of greenpeace

How to become a member of greenpeace

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Greenpeace is a global organization that acts to protect the environment and promote peace". There are many methods available to support Greenpeace, they range from simple donation to online activities. Donations they can be monthly, single or in the form of 5 × 1000. Or we can support Greenpeace by purchasing the so-called "solidarity favors“, These are postcards, bookmarks or packages produced by greenpace, perfect for anniversaries such as baptisms, graduations or communions. Online activities. It is about supporting the petitions and web campaigns set up by greenpeace. Even bloggers and webmasters can become members of greenpeace by supporting the word of the anti-violence and pro-environment non-profit organization.

How to become a member of greenpeace. If donations and petitions aren't enough for you, you can volunteer by contacting the group closest to your residence. In this way you can become an active member of greenpeace. Also, if there is no greenpeace group in your city, you can start one yourself. All information about local groups is available on this web page.

Working for Greenpeace. Greenpeace periodically searches for new professionals to be included in its staff. If you love the environment and are looking for work, keep the official greenpeace page entitled "Work with us" just a click away. Greenpeace often looks for new "disseminators", essentially their job is to find new economic supporters. Greenpeace, being an apolitical non-profit organization, does not accept funds from multinationals or government bodies, therefore it lives only from contributions issued by free citizens. Become greenpeace member it could mean becoming a popularizer, taking to the streets and making healthy information. Become a greenpeace member it does not only mean fighting against Japanese whalers but above all it means raising awareness and information on environmental issues.

Donate the 5 × 1000 to Greenpeace. Go to the official page

Activist on the web. Go to the official page.

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