Expo 2015 in the name of safety and legality

Expo 2015 in the name of safety and legality

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A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on January 10, in the Sala dell'Orologio of Palazzo Marino, aimed at protecting the legality and safety at work during all activities concerning Expo 2015. The protocol will guarantee the health of workers and regulate safety in the workplace. The aim of the protocol is also to prevent the infiltration of organized crime. The Mayor and Extraordinary Commissioner of Expo 2015 were present at the signingGiuliano Pisapia and the Councilor for Labor Policies Cristina Tajani for the Municipality, the CEO of Expo 2015 SpAGiuseppe Sala, the Mayor of RhoPietro Romano, the General Secretaries of CGIL, Cisl and Uil of MilanOnorio RosatiDanilo Galvagni isWalter Galbusera, the General Secretaries and the representatives of the Confederal Trade Unions (Fillea CGIL, Filca Cisl and Feneal Uil, the vice-president of AssimpredilLuca Botta, the representatives of the Coop. C.M.C Bricklayers & Cementers of Ravenna and the Secretary of the Lombard Association of Production and Labor Cooperatives Alcopl Legacoop.

There are five articles on which the Memorandum of Understanding is based, each one aiming at a different goal. First of all, safety and regularity which provides for constant updating by the trade unions, but also the protection of the labor market and control systems that will monitor every single access to the work sites of theMilan Expo. From the website of the Municipality of Milan you can read in full the 5 articles that will act as a pillar for the safety and legality of the event Expo 2015.

art. 1 - Safety and regularity - The trade unions will be updated on the status of the works and the possible use of subcontractors, who will necessarily have to comply with the protocols and guidelines. As regards the protection of health and physical integrity, a Safety Committee will be set up.
art. 2 - Contrast to the phenomenon of mafia and criminal infiltrations - Reference is made to the Legality Protocol between the Prefecture of Milan and the company Expo 2015 SpA.
art. 3- Labor market - The Coop. Muratori & Cementisti di Ravenna, the company that won the contract for the Expo site plate undertakes, in the event of hiring of manpower for the construction site, to hire 10% from personnel in extraordinary layoffs and / or in derogation , on the move, unemployed following dismissal procedures and unemployed individuals. This obligation will be included by the company in every subcontracting contract.
art. 4 - IT management of documents - Expo 2015 SpA will launch a specific IT platform for the management of the construction site for the control of personnel and equipment, the coordination of the contractors operating on the site and to computerize the authorization procedures for subcontracts and supplies. The computer system will therefore have to collect data and documents that come from the performers, analyze the data, publish the data received according to schemes defined and approved by Expo 2015 SpA.
art. 5 - Access to the construction site - The vehicles and workers will be verified through suitable control systems and monitored according to the procedures set out in the Legality Protocol.

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