Domenico Finiguerra, environmental personality 2011

Domenico Finiguerra, environmental personality 2011

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"Angela Merkel is not an environmentalist who climbs trees to hug pandas!" Yet Germany has far better land management than Italy and there are no extremists or environmentalists in power.

This is how he makes fun of it Domenico Finiguerra, Ambiente Italia character 2011 that with his words wants to refer to the consumption of the territory. In Italy, hectares and hectares of land disappear to make room for those who do the same Character io Ambiente Italia 2011, defines "Shopping centers and anonymous structures where our young people go to spend time". The Mayor Domenico Finiguerra willingly accepts the award and does not comment with polemical tones but with a good omen, that for this 2012 the award can be assigned to the Prime Minister:

"I hope that next year the president of the council of ministers will be here to receive this award, because he approved what the other countries of Europe have done."

The Italy Environment Personage Award 2011 it is now in its second edition and has seen over 7,500 voters. Domenico Finiguerra he is mayor of Cassinetta di Lugagnano, a town with zero cement. He is the promoter of the campaign and of the national movement Stop the consumption of the territory which places its origins in the Milanese province, in 2009. During the awards ceremony, the Mayor stated that the award he received must be shared with all those people who defend the territory with passion. Concept that he replicated on his Facebook page:

An award that I want to share with all the people who have indicated me and, in particular, with the committees, environmentalists, associations, citizens I have met throughout Italy in the last 3 years in over 300 meetings. From the Ticino Park to Salento, from the Val di Susa to the Veneto, from the Langhe to Procida. An award that I want to dedicate to all the women and men who fight in the territories, to protect their common goods and defend them from the arrogance and destructive fury of those who often, holding the levers of power, think they can freely dispose of the future of those who live there, those territories. An award that I in turn will deliver to the community of Cassinetta di Lugagnano, the association of Virtuous Municipalities, the Network of Solidarity Municipalities, the Stop to Territory Consumption Network, the Save the Landscape Forum, the Water Movements Forum. I will receive this award, but it is an award that belongs to the tireless and inexhaustible determination that animates the hundreds of thousands of citizens who would like a different country and who want to continue looking for it in Italy.

The cities of Italy should make a change sustainable, because, as the Mayor Finiguerra explains:

Designing cities means designing how the citizens of that city will live, the sensitivity of the city is great and must be solicited "

Environment Character 2011, Domenico Finiguerra

This is where political forces should intervene. This is where change is needed in Italy, perhaps by appealing to Article 9 of the constitution, an article that promotes and guarantees, among other things, the defense of the territory. 2011, from an environmental point of view, was a year of great importance; the year of floods, gods referendum and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The awards ceremony "Ambiente Italia character 2011"Opened with a preface by Daniel Tarozzi (editor in chief" Il Cambiamento "), Elisabetta Guidobaldi (ANSA) and Marco Fratoddi (La Nuova Ecologia, the online newspaper of Legambiente) who dedicated a special mention to"Italian Forum of Water Movements“, The spokesman collected the award Paolo Carsetti who, like the Mayor Finiguerra, wanted to share the prize with the people.

Is water a need or a right? Defining it as a right would mean denying multinationals the right to appropriate such a precious asset, so it is said more "generically" that it is a need. (…) The award goes to those 4 million people who took action to provide information and who counterbalanced the silence of the media about the referendum last summer.

Paolo Carsetti of the Italian Forum of Water Movements

This is how he expressed his pride Mario Notaro, Secretary of the Technical Committee:

We are proud and happily amazed at the participation of the people of the web in the Award. We have, in fact, more than doubled the votes compared to the previous edition, a symptom of the growing interest in issues related to the environment, climate, sustainability. Rewarding a personality who has distinguished himself for his commitment to our planet, in terms of sustainable development, is a way of conveying the attention of the media and public opinion on a topic of common interest: environmental protection.

Video: Intervista a Domenico Finiguerra (June 2022).


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