Energy trio in Germany: wind, hydrogen and biogas

Energy trio in Germany: wind, hydrogen and biogas

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The tanks can contain gasoline, propane or any other form of conventional fuel, but the energy tanks located north of Berlin contain energy produced by the wind and more: a hybrid power plant sponsored by four major companies is being tested. The control panel wants to test a new one hybrid technology which will exploit wind, hydrogen and biogas.

The power plant is located in Prenzlau, about 110 kilometers north of Berlin. The plant uses a new one hybrid technology where wind energy is transformed and stored in the form of hydrogen. The plant has three powerful wind turbines, these produce electricity which in turn is exploited for the production of hydrogen with zero CO2 emissions. This "clean hydrogen”Is used in a mixture of biogas to create a sort of thermal power plant that stores energy and then distributes it when the energy needs grow.

The result of this energy mix? A clean fuel capable of powering cars or providing electricity. The technology was designed to solve a crucial problem in the industry renewable; how to store the energy produced during a windy day? In this article, we explained that between the limits ofwind energy there was a need to adjust electricity production to energy requirements of the population because there is a big inconsistency between supply and demand: the power of the wind is higher when the energy demand of the city is lower.

The Prenzlau project is capable of generating 120 cubic meters of hydrogen then. The second problem solved by the German plant is related to the production of hydrogen. Until now, there were not enough sustainable systems, both from an economic and environmental point of view, to produce hydrogen. With 120 cubic meters of hydrogen, a car could travel about 1,200 kilometers. Here the Prenzlau power plant can offer an answer to the transport sector.

Who are the companies that have set up this project?
- Enertrag, a company active in the wind field. It has a base near Prenzlau. The company has 440 wind farms that produce 1.5 billion kWh per year, enough to support the annual energy needs of 1.5 million people.

TOTAL, certainly more famous than the Enertrag. It is known in Italy for its service stations. For 10 years, the French oil giant has been the leader in the management of filling stations in hydrogen of Germany. In June 2012, TOTAL will be famous for the inauguration of a new hydrogen refueling station at the airport that will open in Berlin.

Vattenfall AB, a Swedish company that deals with energy resources and member of the so-called "Alliance for wind hydrogenAnd finally, certainly a leader in the transport sector could not be missing with the DB Energie GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG (Federal Railways of Germany).

The installation of the plant was started in 2009 and was activated only at the end of 2011. The project cost 21 million euros and aims to appear both in the field ofelectricity than in the refueling of clean hydrogen for transport. In the field of hydrogen vehicles, technologies have made great strides. A'hydrogen car it could cover 400 kilometers with a full tank, an excellent result considering that the electric cars with a full tank they can travel about 150 kilometers.

The company Vattenfall AB is aware that the competition between hydrogen cars is electric vehicles it is big but apparently it can count on a giant of car manufacturers. The German company Mercedes Benz AG is investing heavily in developing new ones hydrogen cars.

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