Solar-powered charging stations

Solar-powered charging stations

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While in Italy we await the spread of electric columns in other countries of the world, technology goes further and the first charging centers are born for hybrid vehicles powered exclusively by solar power. One example is technology Solar Sail. Clean electric vehicle charging stations.

The manufacturing company -Pvilion- is based in New York and uses photovoltaic modules to create innovative and eco-friendly structures and the latest application was found in charging stations for electric cars. The structure is in stainless steel therefore very resistant but flexible, perfectly integrates the solar modules using a technology patented by the same company.

The Pvilion company has installed a solar charging station for electric cars in Pflugerville, Texas. Is called Solaar Sail and is intended for the world of transport in the form of "renewable energy parking ". The facility was designed and built by the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where the founders of “Pvilion”Robert Lerner, Todd Dalland and Colin Touhey have tried their hand at the project.

It is the first photovoltaic panel flexible used in an electric car charging station. But why flexible photovoltaic panels? The structure will be equipped with a sort of photovoltaic sail that will act as a "gateway" for thesolar power.

The manufacturing company is famous for the diffusion of solar panels 0.125 inch thick hoses. These panels can be stretched on flexible sheets of stainless steel so as to supply electricity to the station's electrical network even when no car is being charged.

The cost of the solar-powered charging station it is estimated at around $ 85,000. According to Colin Touhey, CEO of the Pvilion company, every project he leverages solar power it can be customized by fully embracing the individual needs of the customer.




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