Floating Garden, the garden at home

Floating Garden, the garden at home

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You want furnish home with plants and flowers but break the monotony of the old vases? Get ready for Floating Garden, literally "floating garden“, A floral decoration suspended in the air, elegant and modern. Surely you have heard of the gardens of Babylon, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They have enchanted the whole world and the Floating Garden will enchant all your guests.

When it comes to furnish home there are those who choose extravagant solutions and those who throw themselves into elegance. This solution is halfway between the two characteristics: originality and elegance. The floating garden it was designed by the Hungarian designer Asztalos Gabriella and consists of modern vases hanging from the ceiling.

The Floating Garden hangs from the ceiling because it uses a thread that blends well with both the vegetation and the roof of the house. The thread gives the illusion that the vessels are actually floating in the air. The design of the vases manages to perfectly integrate the various floating units in the domestic context, allowing you to create a unique environment with a modern style.

The shape of the floating vases is ergonomic and modern, with its characteristics the floating garden allows you to bring some greenery and fresh air into your home. We have no information regarding the price but more details will be released on the official web page of Asztalos Gabriella.

In the book, the floating vases are shown with simple green plants that have nothing innovative and elegant, but vases like this, even with green buds, can bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Floating Garden, an original and modern idea for furnish home. Other vases to furnish your home with style are available on this page.

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