Solar energy with battery

Solar energy with battery

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Until now we are used to using batteries to power the notebook or smartphone, have none of us ever thought of using one to power the house? Today it is possible because it is already on sale Kyocera, the solar-powered battery it will store clean energy to meet domestic electricity needs.

If you want to charge your smartphone with a photovoltaic cover, you can do it without problems, the situation changes when thesolar power it must not be stored in small batteries but stored, perhaps, to power a house. The device is called Kyocera Solar and consists of photovoltaic modules attached to a lithium ion battery.

The device will be available on the market starting this April and the manufacturer expects to sell about 10,000 pieces in a short time. L'solar power captured by the classic panels, it will be stored in a special 7.2 kWh Li-ion battery unit. The photovoltaic modules generate a power of 4.03 kW.

Kyocera Solar it can be connected to the home network and the user can use clean energy in different ways: only for a domestic sector, as an emergency generator and more. The device is equipped with a control system with a very simple user interface.

You can take advantage of Kyocera Solar in six different modes, for example, the "Power Mode Midnight", which stores the costs of electricity consumption: electricity costs less at night, so it is deactivated during the night to use the clean energy stored during the day.

The only drawback is the price: kyocera Solar it will be sold at a price of around 45,000 euros. Industry experts say that the price is right given the quality of the product and that it is an important investment even for home use only. Presales are already open on the Kyocera Japanese store.

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