Apple also has a green thumb

Apple also has a green thumb

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How about cultivating a passion for gardening directly on yourssmartphone? Sure it won't give you the satisfactions of a real, concrete garden, but it can teach you a lot of things, it's a great way to start if you don't already have a green thumb.

Many of you will remember Tamagotchi, that little game where you had to take care of a cute little animal. Times change, trends also change and the virtual game becomes vegetable. iPhones, iPods and iPads are gardening. Here comes a game of the apple group that gives us the possibility to take care of plants and flowers in a virtual way on our portable Apple device.

It has arrived on the Apple Store Flowerium, an application dedicated to fans of gardening. An all-Japanese project that allows us to grow flowering plants, as long as we treat them with pesticides, irrigation and all the maintenance that is needed as in a real garden. A practical way to approach the gardening and to become a green thumb.

Flowerium will allow us to sow flowers and plants on the iPhone screen, following their growth daily. It will be possible to create compositions to your liking. Once the flowers have grown, they can be picked and shared with friends of Twitteror Facebook, since each flower can be saved as a photo and sent via email.

When started, the application will drop some seeds accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack that will mark the growth of the plants. You can sow all the flowers of your liking or you can create new shapes of flowers and colors.

You can decide when to give birth to the plants by clicking on white points on the screen: the seeds will appear, which slowly settle on the ground and give life to new shoots. It will also be possible to decide the speed with which to grow and wither the plants.

However, the application is not free: it is available, in fact, on the iTunes App Store at a cost of 1.59 euros. Technology has entered gardening and so does Apple have a green thumb.

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